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HEY Mungo, as one of the greatest thinkers in Aus­tralia to­day how come you’ve never been in­vited on Q&A on the ABC to have a spray? Ev­ery other cunt gets on there and talks shit, seems to me a man of your wis­dom could put ’em right with some straight talk­ing on any sub­ject. And it’d have to be bet­ter than The­block.

R.C., KOGARAH, NSW MUNGO SAYS: Watch­ing me hav­ing me knob pierced would be more en­ter­tain­ing than watch­ing The Block. And watch­ing me hav­ing me knob pierced on Q And A would be fucken ART, mate. I think they’re afraid of me. That I’ll take up two spa­ces in the carpark, that I’ll eat all the lit­tle sand­wiches and steal ev­ery­one’s mi­cro­phones. Or that I’ll be so fucken BRIL­LIANT it blows their minds. Right on all counts, I’d say.


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