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“When I was a teenager I worked at Mc­don­alds, then Siz­zler. But I watched tons of porn, all the hard­core shit, gang­bangs and anal and stuff, and then I was in­tro­duced to the porn industry. I thought: ‘Yay! I’m gonna GET PAID to GET LAID!’”

You’re an in­spi­ra­tion, Mia! What’s been your best as­set in your cho­sen pro­fes­sion?

“Be­cause I do lots of yoga, I’m very flex­i­ble. Everybody in the busi­ness def­i­nitely knows me for that.”

Yeah, that’d come in handy al­right. You’re also a bit dif­fer­ent to other girls in the biz in that you’re hardly ever been seen with­out a beaut lit­tle patch of PUBES.

“I think I did about two shoots with­out hair early on and I hated it. I’m a hair girl. I like fur.”

So do we. Well, we like YOURS. What do you get up to when you’re not be­ing banged sense­less in the line of duty?

“I love hik­ing and swim­ming, and I play with my Hi­tachi [a pop­u­lar sheila’s did­dling de­vice – ed] some­times 15 times a day. Does that count?”

It does in our book, babe. Who’s your big fan­tasy fuck?

“Chris Hemsworth. He’s just beau­ti­ful. He’s tall, he’s muscular… he’s just like a Greek god.”

He’s an Aussie, ya know. So are we. So do ya reckon, ’cos he’s mar­ried and that, maybe we could step in… nah, for­get it. We don’t wanna sound like THOR LOSERS.

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