Tassie babe CUMS CLEAN about her filthy fan­tasies

Picture (Australia) - - Made In Oz Girl -

IF YOU’RE the type of bloke whose bed­room is lit­tered with empty beer cans and JIZZ-FILLED SOCKS, then you’re in luck ’cos Delilah loves FILTHY FUCKERS.

Oh wait, our bad, turns out she meant she likes guys who are dirty IN BED, not UN­CLEAN fel­las.

“I’m sick of bor­ing guys,” laments the 23-year-old Tassie babe. “I want some­one spon­ta­neous, who’s go­ing to do some­thing un­ex­pected and thrilling!”

Like pop­ping a sneaky fin­ger up your date mid-root?

“Maybe, I don’t know if I like that be­cause I’ve never had some­one do it. I want to try so many more things.”

What’s num­ber one on your FUCK-IT LIST?

“Group sex, for sure. I’ve done a three­some be­fore, but I want to go to an orgy with heaps of peo­ple all in a room just fuck­ing and suck­ing ev­ery­thing.”

How many peo­ple are we talk­ing?

“Like at least ten. I want to be

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