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1. The EX-PET CAN’T do cen­tre­fold spreads any­more be­cause she’s up the duff (9). 6. See 32 across. 10. Where sexy DEB gets her

daily ex­er­cise (3). 11. Si­mon, per­haps, is some­one who spreads his seeds over soft buns (5). 12. Body in the morgue with a

hard-on! (5). 13. Women who give their tits to feed other babes. Me first please! (3,6). 15. It was after mid­night be­fore she fi­nally LET A pork sword get in her (4). 16. She was so ugly, she had two on her head in case one fell off! (4). 18. What an EGO NUT uses to lick

her­self (6). 20. SO MARG loves to have a

cli­max, does she? (6). 21. The best form of mu­sic to

shake the cot? (4). 23. My old fella roots like a ... up a

drain­pipe (3). 24. You might find one in A BED, if it’s fallen off the anal chain (4). 25. You should have seen the shits I ’AD IN the sub­con­ti­nent! (5). 26. Where that dirty RAT AL left

his bride (5). 27. Sex­u­ally awak­en­ing your wo­man by fore­play OR US­ING a vi­bra­tor (7). 29. How a mag­net would get a

new part­ner? (7). 32. & 6 across. What you hear from per­verts down the phone when they’re too gut­less to speak (5,9). 34. GAD! He dresses like a piece of sheep shit! (3). 35. She did a sexy dance with a guy from TONGA (5). 36. He got ripped after Jill knocked him off the hill (6). 39. Siphon the python or ... the dragon (5). 41. When they open, wet farts can cause a skid mark that SEARS the box­ers (5). 44. Enor­mous stom­ach brought on by con­sum­ing ex­ces­sive

amounts of piss and pizza (3). 46. Wild bang­ing IS ONE way of

cre­at­ing a hel­luva din (5). 48. My name is Richard but peo­ple call me Big ... for short (4). 49. With bare baps and beavers, I

love this sloppy wrestling (3). 51. Slide your pole be­tween her

LIPS (4). 55. Heard the one about the cow’s

tit? Pull the ... one! (5). 56. A cranky wo­man who car­ries

on like a fe­male dog? (5). 57. “I love LAMP” said Brick from

un­der the tree (4). 59. Look out girls - it’s that great

hairy Hi­malayan beast (4). 61. The sight of her made ME SURE that once I nut­ted I would just keep on go­ing (6). 62. Your tock­ley hangs loose, SO

DROP any idea of a root (6). 63. His prick ROSE to the oc­ca­sion like some horny Greek god (4). 65. Never look at the man­tel­piece when you’re hav­ing a ... of the fire (4). 67. She ap­peared re­ally CA­SUAL, SO I en­gaged her in lewd con­ver­sa­tion (9). 71. Pocket-jug­glers play with

’em (5). 72. Touch my wil­lie and send a

shiver down my SPINE (5). 73. My boner’s not big enough? Then RAM this limb up you! (3). 74. Once her gear is off, she SENDS RUDE signs to passersby (9). 75. Two horny roost­ers hav­ing a

bat­tle over a chick? (9).


2. When I came to CLASP IT I re­alised her der­riere was wrapped in ... (7). 3. Snooker play­ers use them to place their balls into holes (4). 4. It’s a blue squig­gly LINE on a map, and it makes women wet (4). 5. Ser­ena’s sis­ter or the good ship in­volved in 13 down (5). 7. An­cient city where they had MORE or­gies (4). 8. Lovely things that live in bird­baths or bras (4). 9. Try­ing to blow up a con­dom, I FAIL TEN times (7). 14. The colour of a wo­man who bonks after a cou­ple of CLARETS (7). 15. DR EARL kept a sup­ply of Vi­a­gra in the kitchen cup­board (6). 17. One of the best bloody cities in

the whole world! (6). 19. The girl from CRETE got me

hard (5). 20. “You know that wo­man, I pre­fer HER TO my wife,” he con­fessed (5). 22. In class un­der the DESKS, I

tongued the teacher (6). 24. He wanted to BED ’ER just to

make ba­bies (5). 28. My ex used to lec­ture me like

an old horse (3). 30. A hooker tries to sell her body

AT RED lights. What a job! (5). 31. Mi­randa Kerr looks great in them, but even bet­ter with­out them (7). 33. This party dec­o­ra­tion cops a lot of stick – it causes PAIN AT some events (6). 37. Fel­las on the throne who’ve

ser­viced queens through the ages (5). 38. He HATED the thought of push­ing up daisies (5). 40. Robin bared her norks to the sun. What did she end up with? (3,7). 42. Peo­ple who show off their work in HI-OR­BIT SEX (10). 43. A politi­cian’s un­truth like, “I’m too ill to face court” (3). 45. Noah’s boat for bonk­ing beasts (3). 46. The but­ton on a boob. Squeeze it gen­tly to hear a wo­man squeak (6). 47. CUMS in the bath and leaves his dirty wa­ter (4). 50. If she was to cor­rupt me I’D FEEL great (6). 52. Win or ..., my SOLE aim in life is to get lots of ac­tion (4). 53. DROP your un­der­wear and I’ll give you a quick poke (4). 54. She was so mod­est, I threw a co­conut at her (3). 58. Sk­intight out­fit to show off a girl’s butt dur­ing gym classes (7). 60. Run­ning off to­gether by slid­ing down a PINE-LOG. Watch for bloody splin­ters! (7). 64. Keep a tally when you dally with twenty women (5). 66. See a LUBE job in a sticky flick (4). 68. What gets raised in a game of strip poker, aside from your todger (4). 69. Un­fas­ten her bra strap to re­lease two bulging baps (4). 70. She sucks and he plucks - those filthy French are locked in a soix­ante-... (4).

13. On the good ship ‘5 down’ a lot of this went on in the plank­ing! (7).

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