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PERTH, WA Sand­grop­ing me­chanic Ivy, 22, has an arse that could bring peace to the Mid­dle East, put an end to world hunger and fix the hole in the ozone layer. Her hob­bies in­clude fix­ing stuff, naked horse rid­ing and KNOCK­ING BOOTS like her life de­pends on it. What sort of kink are you into, spunk? “A bit of ev­ery­thing. I think sex is great and that more women should re­lax and en­joy them­selves. Some­times I like it rough and some­times I like it gen­tle.” Can blokes slap that arse? “It de­pends if I’m in the mood, but yes, I do like it. I get tons of com­pli­ments on it, so I know it looks hot.” Any last words? “I’m a nat­u­ral blonde and we have the most fun.”

“Some­times I like it rough”

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