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MAYBE this car­pet python and brush-tail possum were deeply in love and just play­ing a bit of KISSYFACE. Maybe they were practs­ing their act for Cirque Du Soleil. And maybe Tony Ab­bott ain’t an­gling to be PM again. Not fucken likely. Peter Mc­mas­ter cap­tured this ex­am­ple of Aus­tralia’s beaut na­ture in the raw in his back­yard in Tin­galpa, Qld. And, as ya do, he called his kids out to have a look. “It was just an un­be­liev­able thing to see, es­pe­cially for the kids,” he reck­oned. Like that won’t give ’em night­mares or any­thing!

With pos­sums, the nose is the best bit

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