Pil­bara blokes out­num­ber women

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The Pil­bara is of­fi­cially the man­li­est place on main­land Aus­tralia, ac­cord­ing to the latest pop­u­la­tion es­ti­mates.

Aus­tralian Bureau of Sta­tis­tics fig­ures re­leased last week re­vealed some ar­eas in the re­gion had a ra­tio of al­most 3.5 men to ev­ery woman.

Ac­cord­ing to the sta­tis­tics, WA and the North­ern Ter­ri­tory were the only States or Ter­ri­to­ries to have more men than women.

But when com­pared to the rest of the na­tions’ re­gions, the Pil­bara stood out as a place where there were 174 blokes for ev­ery 100 sheilas, which sug­gests the place should be rain­ing men for sin­gle ladies.

The Pil­bara had the top three ar­eas in the coun­try where there were more men than women.

Things are par­tic­u­larly bad for sin­gle blokes in the East Pil­bara. There were 3.49 men for ev­ery woman, ahead of 2.34 for ev­ery one in Roe­bourne, and 2.28 to ev­ery fe­male in Ash­bur­ton.

The clos­est ar­eas from the rest of the coun­try were Ca­sua­r­ina-Wel­lard in Perth and Ber­rimah in Dar­win, both with big men’s pris­ons.

Things are a lit­tle bet­ter in the main cen­tres of the Pil­bara, such as Kar­ratha, where the ra­tio is 1.44 men to ev­ery woman; New­man where it is 1.4 to 1; and Hed­land at 1.41 to 1.

De­spite the abun­dance of blokes, af­ter an in­for­mal Face­book poll con­ducted by the North West Tele­graph to suss out ex­actly how easy it was for a sin­gle lady to get a date, sin­gles of both sexes de­clared they had a rough time try­ing to meet some­one while liv­ing in the re­gion.

One el­i­gi­ble Hed­land woman by the name of Jodie de­scribed one date where the man turned up drunk, brought his friends and did not re­alise when she left.

Jodie was joined by a cho­rus of other women who said they had been caught out by fly-in, fly-out men who told them they were sin­gle, only to find out later their pro- spec­tive part­ners had fam­i­lies in other towns, States or even coun­tries.

Mean­while, for the blokes the sit­u­a­tion was not much bet­ter, given the over­all East Pil­bara ra­tio of 3.49 of them to ev­ery fe­male in the area.

Sin­gle Wedge­field work­ers Bren­dan Meiforth, Brodie Thompson, Brent Mar­nane and Ja­cob Oak­man, who theTele­graph­conned in- to hav­ing a photo taken with sin­gle lady Jess O’Dea to il­lus­trate the ra­tio, said most nights at the lo­cal pub were a “sausage fest”.

The four, who have lived in Hed­land for four to 19 years, said half the time when they tried to speak to fe­males, the words “my part­ner” were quickly dropped into the con­ver­sa­tion.

Or when they did spot a sin­gle lady, she would quickly re­treat to her “pack of six to eight” friends in the cor­ner of the pub.

The Tele­graph’s Face­book poll also re­turned plenty of sto­ries of love — peo­ple who had met in the Pil­bara, mar­ried and had chil­dren.

The con­sen­sus was that whether male or fe­male, it was dif­fi­cult, but not im­pos­si­ble, to find a life part­ner while liv­ing in the desert … and that some­one should prob­a­bly or­gan­ise a speed-dat­ing night.

Pic­ture: Kelly Bell

Bren­dan Meiforth, Brodie Thompson, Jess O’Dea, Brent Mar­nane and Ja­cob Oak­man are all Pil­bara sin­gles who are ready to min­gle.

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