Amaz­ing dog makes mirac­u­lous re­cov­ery

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■ A pet dog has made a “mirac­u­lous” re­cov­ery af­ter spend­ing two days fight­ing for its life fol­low­ing a sus­pected de­lib­er­ate poi­son­ing, South Hed­land vets say.

Pets and Vets su­per­vi­sor vet­eri­nary sur­geon Steve Van Mil sent the fe­male Amer­i­can Stafford­shire home with a clean bill of health.

Vets had ear­lier found snail poi­son and raisins in the dog’s tummy, which they sus­pected had been thrown over the prop­erty fence.

“She was con­vuls­ing so se­verely and her tem­per­a­ture was so dan­ger­ously high that the risk of her ex­pir­ing was very high,” Dr Van Mil said.

“The fact she has sur­vived … is amaz­ing.

“She has suf­fered some liver dam­age but we ex­pect that will re­cover fully … oth­er­wise she is bright, alert and she is eat­ing.”

The dog and its own­ers at­tracted waves of sup­port on so­cial media amid fur­ther alarm the own­ers had found a trail of snail pel­lets in a public area near their house.

South Hed­land Vet Hos­pi­tal locum vet­eri­nar­ian Laura Sabine re­sponded to the ini­tial emer­gency ear­lier this month when the dog’s owner no­ticed it had wob­bly legs and tremors.

By the time the dog ar­rived at the vet shortly af­ter, its tremors had turned vi­o­lent and it be­gan hav­ing seizures.

Ms Sabine spent three hours pump­ing its stom­ach.

She was shocked when she flushed raisins and a “mas­sive” quan­tity of snail or slug pel­lets from the dog’s tummy, along with what looked like gauze pack­ag­ing.

She said she had never re­cov­ered so much toxic ma­te­rial from an an­i­mal dur­ing her 10 years as a vet.

“It is well-known that snail bait and grapes or raisins can poi­son dogs and also (we found) a gauze ma­te­rial and a lit­tle bow, sug­gest­ing this had been tied up in per­haps a meat-flavoured pack­age,” she said. “I’m highly sus­pi­cious some­body has thrown some­thing over (the owner’s) high fences.”

Dr Van Mil cred­ited the owner’s quick re­sponse, the dog’s youth and the vet care with sav­ing its life.

“She is pretty tough and she has got youth on her side … but there was a hell of a lot of in­ten­sive care, (vet­eri­nar­ian) Laura was up with her all Wed­nes­day night, ” he said.

He said the dog’s re­cov­ery was a fab­u­lous out­come given the ter­ri­ble suf­fer­ing snail poi­sons could cause.

“Col­lo­qui­ally, we call snail pel­let poi­son­ing shake and bake, be­cause the an­i­mals con­vulse vi­o­lently and they can ba­si­cally cook them­selves with ex­tremely el­e­vated body tem­per­a­tures,” he said.

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