Cheeky tips to help you go ba­nanas for man­goes

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The best time of year, mango sea­son, is upon us and for many that means pick­ing your fruits be­fore the wildlife and wind ruin every­thing.

If you are like us, it also means hav­ing to re­mem­ber ev­ery­one you promised man­goes to for their as­sis­tance through­out the year for var­i­ous is­sues, in­clud­ing run­ning out of fuel be­tween Port Hed­land and Roe­bourne.

Man­goes should ide­ally be picked when the green colour starts to fade, re­placed by a red/yel­low blush.

The longer you leave them the more flavour­some they will get but be warned, corellas can strip a whole tree of ripe fruit in a few hours. Once picked, you should avoid let­ting the sap run over the mango as it can tur n the skin black.

They can be ripened off the tree by wrap­ping in pa­per and leav­ing on the kitchen counter.

Pil­bara News guide to mango pick­ing:

■ Place bean bags or spare beds be­neath the mango tree. ■ Gaffer tape a tent peg to the top of a 12 foot fish­ing rod. ■ Hook man­goes with tent peg on the stem just above the fruit and pull to­wards bean bags/ beds. ■ Wrap man­goes in your free weekly mango wrap­ping pa­per, also known as the Pil­bara News. ■ Store at room tem­per­a­ture in a dry place and leave wrapped un­til ripe.

Man­goes should ide­ally be picked when the green colour starts to fade.

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