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the girl’s ghost has wan­dered the stony halls of the Mar­ble Bar Po­lice sta­tion.

“Cop­pers have been say­ing for years this build­ing is haunted,” he said. “I of­ten hear noises late at night and Sergeants be­fore me have re­ported all sorts of strange go­ings on.

“There will be times when you think you have closed the door be­hind you but then it’s open when you go to leave the room.”

Sen Sgt Stra­chan said there were lo­cals who to this day, re­fused to set foot in the po­lice sta­tion build­ing be­cause of its haunted past.

“Some peo­ple are afraid,” he said. “But I like to think the ghost is just keep­ing us com­pany when we’re do­ing long shifts.”

On the east­ern side of the Kar­ratha hills there has been a spirit caus­ing trou­ble as long as time it­self, ac­cord­ing to lo­cal Abo­rig­i­nal tour guide Clin­ton Walker.

“The Mul­lang­goo is a dwarf-like spirit, he’s short and has a big beard and big round eyes,” he said.

“He likes to come down to peo­ple’s houses and slap you in your sleep.

"Some peo­ple feel it in their dreams, but I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

“I first saw one when I was a boy out on Cher­atta Sta­tion.”

Mr Walker said al­though the Mul­lang­goo liked to scare peo­ple, they were not harm­ful spir­its.

“They’re not bad spir­its, but I guess be­cause they’re im­mor­tal they get bored and get up to mis­chief,” he said.

“You can ac­tu­ally have one given to you by a shaman for your home to pro­tect against the evil spir­its.”

Mr Walker said res­i­dents and trav­ellers in the Pil­bara also re­ported see­ing strange lights in the dis­tance mov­ing around, chang­ing in di­rec­tion, speed and bright­ness.

Th­ese Min­min lights are be­lieved to be spir­i­tual be­ings seen in places such as Balla Balla, Cher­ratta Sta­tion and some­times even be­tween Kar­ratha and Roe­bourne.

Mr Walker warned res­i­dents to keep away from red Min­min lights, which were highly dan­ger­ous.

“Yel­low, blue or white lights mean no harm, but if you ever see a red Min­min you need to get out of there as fast as you can,” he said.

“The red ones are on a mis­sion to hurt you.”

The haunted Kar­ratha hills. Pic­ture: Cameron Myles.

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