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The weather fore­cast for the next week is shap­ing up to be great, so if you can get out on the wa­ter, we sug­gest you do.

The pat­tern at this time of year is fairly pre­dictable, with strong south-east­er­lies in the morn­ing and south-west­er­lies in the af­ter­noon.

The sail­fish in the gulf are spread out and when they push bait to the sur­face, they are timid and are hardly stay­ing up long.

Th­ese fish should stick around for a while longer and are a great sight to see when feed­ing on the bait schools.

The bill­fish ac­tion on the west side has been spas­modic.

While we are well and truly into blue mar­lin sea­son now and there was some con­sis­tent fish­ing a few weeks back, the past week has slowed down. This is pos­si­bly due to cur­rents. Some solid num­bers of sail­fish out the front of man­grove bays be­fore the 100m line have been re­ported and would be worth a shot.

The wa­ters off Helby Bank are a great place to tar­get a va­ri­ety of species.

You can get mack­erel in the shal­low wa­ters un­der 40m.

Reef species can be en­coun­tered in all ar­eas.

There is the chance of sev­eral species of bill­fish, in­clud­ing sail­fish, in the shal­low depths of 50m-70m, black mar­lin in the mid wa­ters of 70m to 130m and blue mar­lin in deeper wa­ters.

This area has pro­duced con­sis­tently over the years and re­ports from here lately have been good.

It is also an area eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble for craft com­ing from Tantabiddi or Bun­degi, the gulf or the ma­rina.

The added bonus is that with the gen­eral weather pat­tern in the early morn­ing it is usu­ally calmer than the gulf and in the af­ter­noon it is usu­ally calmer than the wa­ters off Tantabiddi.

Plus you can travel with the wind back around to the gulf to come home.

More re­ports from the ma­rina have been trick­ling in.

It sounds like the man­grove jack have al­ready started to fire up.

You never know what you will catch in this sys­tem — any­thing from jacks, cod, queen­fish, bar­racuda, school mack­erel, tar­pon, sand bass, flat­head, bream, a wide va­ri­ety of trevally species and, if you’re re­ally lucky, blue­bone and co­ral trout can be en­coun­tered.

If it is blue­bone you are af­ter, then make sure you are fish­ing rel­a­tively heavy or they will stitch you up in the rocks in no time.

A small bur­ley trail of crushed prawns or crabs should do the trick and an un­weighted or lightly rigged crab will bring even the fussi­est of blue­bone un­stuck.

Oth­er­wise, an un­weighted mulie drifted down the rock faces is a sure way of catch­ing any­thing else that may be around.

Try fish­ing af­ter dark for man­grove jack, as this is when they are at their most ac­tive.

The Ex­mouth Game Fish­ing Club is your lo­cal venue for catch­ing up on all things fishy.

We en­cour­age peo­ple to be­come mem­bers and ex­pect that this Fri­day night will be a big one with the mem­bers’ draw that has peaked at $1000 and must be won.

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