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Q: My home has a leak­ing shower. How can I fix it?

About 95 per cent of all shower wa­ter­proof­ing prob­lems in­volve a leak­ing shower base or leak­ing through the shower hob.

They can be very an­noy­ing and time-con­sum­ing to fix. You will first need to check the con­di­tion of the tiles.

Are any of the tiles drummy or cracked? What is the con­di­tion of the tile grout and/or sealant?

Next, ex­am­ine if the shower, shower screen or ad­ja­cent plumb­ing or drainage sys­tem is leak­ing.

The shower screen may not be prop­erly in­stalled and sealed.

All plumb­ing fit­tings should be checked and plumb­ing pres­sure tests may be nec­es­sary.

Also check roof drainage con­nec­tions for signs of leaks, par­tic­u­larly af­ter heavy rain.

A dam­aged or in­com­plete shower tray may be the prob­lem if the shower is in an older home.

This can be tested by plug­ging the waste drain, fill­ing the shower with wa­ter up to 25mm from top of hob or 10mm from top of step down.

Check for leaks over a 12-hour pe­riod.

If the shower tray has failed, the en­tire shower base and bot­tom wall tiles may need to be re­moved, checked, wa­ter­proofed and retiled.

An­other thought is that the leak could be com­ing from the top of the hob if the seal be­tween the screen and tray is in­com­plete.

The shower screen and tiles on top of the hob should be re­moved and leaks checked.

If your shower is all tile on a con­crete base with a wa­ter­proof mem­brane on the walls, a re-grout­ing job at var­i­ous joints may be all that is nec­es­sary.

Some tiles may need to be re­moved and the shower re­sealed with wa­ter­proof mem­brane and retiled.

Re­mem­ber to make sure that you have enough tiles to do this task be­fore you start.

Pic­ture: Mylensa

Leak­ing shower bases or hobs are the cul­prits in most cases of wa­ter­proof­ing prob­lems.

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