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1. Which­play The sport Club? was fea­tured in the David Wil­liamson

2. WhoGI Jane? played Jor­dan O’Neill in the 1997 movie

3. In­fec­tious mononu­cle­o­sis is best known by what name?

4. The Ha’iku Stairs are lo­cated on which Hawai­ian is­land?

5. What was the first name of the com­poser Vi­valdi?

6. In what year was Dick Smith Foods es­tab­lished?

7. Which book fea­tures a Berk­shire boar named Napoleon?

8. Who was the first UK driver to win the For­mula One World Driv­ers’ Cham­pi­onship?

9. True or false – Tonga is fur­ther north than Van­u­atu?

10. Which band had the 1969 hit Whole Lotta Love?

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