No. 270

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1. The TV se­ries The Young Doc­tors was set in which fic­tional hos­pi­tal?

2. Which sub­stance has the molec­u­lar for­mula C6H12O6?

3. Kerry Boustead played for which three Syd­ney based rugby league clubs?

4. Who wrote the 1938 novel Tropic of Capricorn?

5. In Greek mythol­ogy, who is the father of Apollo?

6. The mar­tial art called oki­chitaw orig­i­nated in which coun­try?

7. How many stars are on the flag of Samoa?

8. Which legume is used to make hum­mus?

9. True or false – Joanne Wood­ward’s middle names are Gig­nil­liat Trim­mier?

10. Flea, the bass player from the band Red Hot Chili Pep­pers, was born in which city?

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