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Tel­stra’s mo­bile net­work went down last week and the world, sur­pris­ingly, did not fall into chaos. It didn’t stop Pil­bar­ians from shar­ing their the­o­ries as to what hap­pened. Maybe it’s due to the “heat­wave” in Perth!

Erin Kelly Hardy If Tel­stra is down then we all go nuts and burn things down? Power poles catch on fire? We don’t re­ceive warn­ings about no fires in the bush? Tel­stra was ac­tu­ally used as the com­mu­ni­ca­tion point with Martians and it ended mid-sen­tence?

Sonya Mathe­son

Hahaha the peo­ple re­volt!

Alice Asli Wong Maybe ev­ery­one should just have a mo­bile phone so­cial me­dia break for a week, we don’t need it. You can sur­vive with­out it. Like see­ing peo­ple face to face. Hug­ging. See­ing a real smile, all nor­mal be­hav­iour.

Emma Jane Mur­phy Perth had some weather they de­scribed as a heat­wave, aka a nor­mal Pil­bara sum­mer. Pil­bara res­i­dents of­fered no sym­pa­thy to the city slick­ers. Peo­ple need to har­den up ... went to shops and ev­ery­one was com­plain­ing about the weather ... if the cold wa­ter tap gives you cold wa­ter, it’s not bloody hot weather!

Char­lotte Par­nell Three days in a row of 51 de­grees in Nul­lagine last year! In one part of the mine site it was 63. #hard­e­nup­perth.

An­drew Dil­lon

Great mem­o­ries of liv­ing in the Pil­bara and Kim­ber­ley in the 80s through to early 90s. Yep it was hot but ev­ery­one just got on with life.

Jac­qui Worth Lived a year in the Bar and in a camp on the con­struc­tion of the Ripon Hills Road and 45 is cool com­pared to what we used to get out there.

Suzanne Jack­son We in the Pil­bara think it’s much ado about noth­ing. (It’s) 44.6 at 12.30 here.

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