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Do I re­quire any coun­cil ap­provals to in­stall an um­brella with a 5m di­am­e­ter around a pool­side? It is an off­set, free­stand­ing can­tilever-style with 360-de­gree ro­ta­tions and will be bolted to a con­crete pad

Go­ing back quite a few years, the es­sen­tial sun pro­tec­tion de­vice in ev­ery­one’s back­yard was the shade sail. Th­ese were avail­able in var­i­ous shapes and sizes, and used over ve­hi­cles, pools and en­ter­tain­ment ar­eas.

At first, coun­cil ap­proval was not re­quested or is­sued (ex­cept for large com­mer­cial sails), be­cause they fell out­side the stan­dards that trig­gered the re­quire­ment for an ap­proval. In some cases, the ap­pli­ca­tion cost more than the sail it­self, so why would you bother?

Th­ese in­stal­la­tions caused a lot of dam­age and com­plaints dur­ing the first win­ter that this trend took off.

Prob­lems typ­i­cally re­sulted from in­cor­rect post foot­ings be­ing used for the very high posts that were of­ten po­si­tioned close to, and some­times over the bound­ary.

In a storm, th­ese posts were ripped out of the ground and fell on bound­ary fences and other prop­erty.

Other an­chor points in­cluded brick walls, the home (wall and roof), and ex­ist­ing pa­tios or pergolas. Of­ten th­ese cho­sen an­chor points were not de­signed to with­stand the im­posed wind loads, which par­tic­u­larly dam­aged fences, ma­sonry walls and roof fas­cias.

An en­gi­neer is re­quired to de­ter­mine a suit­able an­chor point (struc­tural build­ing el­e­ment) and the an­chor­age type, but they are of­ten not en­gaged to cal­cu­late the de­sign loads.

Once th­ese in­ci­dents started be­ing re­ported, coun­cils in­sisted on ap­provals for shade sails and started ad­vis­ing their re­moval in windy weather. Your large out­door um­brella is not dis­sim­i­lar. An en­gi­neer would need to de­sign the con­crete foot­ing suit­able for an­chor­ing the um­brella in a worst-case sce­nario to en­sure it is se­cure.

They will also de­ter­mine a suit­able dis­tance for the um­brella from the pool struc­ture.

Build­ing work that in­cludes struc­tural work, re­quires a build­ing per­mit. Plus, you must check if there are any lo­cal plan­ning re­quire­ments, de­pend­ing on the lo­ca­tion of the pool.

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