Pesti­lence will end us all

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A horse called Bagh­dad Note won the Mel­bourne Cup in 1970.

When Syria is to­tally dec­i­mated, the fo­cus will shift to Iraq.

It could be 2020 when the chut­ney re­ally hits the pro­pel­ler.

Real “civil­i­sa­tion” be­gan in Baby­lon.

It may not fin­ish there, but could take a deep breath.

Just as the Span­ish flu ac­com­pa­nied World War I, I think the only thing that can re­duce the world pop­u­la­tion will be un­con­trol­lable bird flu of some de­scrip­tion.

Bugs and bac­te­ria ac­tu­ally rule the world.

Maybe they can give the planet a new start. When Je­sus said “the meek shall in­herit the Earth”, he prob­a­bly didn’t know it re­ferred to bugs.

Since this sys­tem of con­tin­ual growth, glob­al­i­sa­tion, divi­sion and bel­liger­ence can­not be main­tained, I think Mother Na­ture will close it down shortly so she can be­gin again.

Two busi­ness­men mates meet on the Gold Coast.

Bill says: “I re­tired up here af­ter my busi­ness burnt down. I took the in­sur­ance and re­tired.”

Bob says: “My busi­ness com­pletely flooded. Took money and here I am.”

Bill says: “How do you start a flood?” Ken Sali­gari Ex­mouth

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