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1. WhichThe Great car­toon Ga­zoo? se­ries had a char­ac­ter called

2. WhoTest cricket?was Shane Warne’s first wicket in

3. What is Scot­land’s flo­ral em­blem?

4. Which band had the 1961 hit Kon-Tiki?

5. How much is a US nickel worth?

6. Who wrote the poem Auld Lang Syne?

7. In which coun­try was the Bahá’í Faith re­li­gion founded?

8. In what year was Net­ball Aus­tralia founded?

9. True or false – Aus­tralia’s five high­est main­land moun­tains are in the Snowy Moun­tains?

10. Who was Deb­bie Reynolds’ first hus­band?

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