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Cooler tem­per­a­tures have def­i­nitely hit, even forc­ing some to break out the jumpers — a rar­ity in Ex­mouth.

As wa­ter tem­per­a­tures drop there should be an in­crease in squid num­bers on both the west side and the gulf. It has been a spas­modic start to the sea­son with no con­sis­tent re­ports of good catches.

Small num­bers have been taken from the west side around Tantabiddi, while in­side the gulf around the usual haunts — such as in front of the golf club, Bun­degi and fur­ther south to­wards Two Rocks — re­ports have been bet­ter.

Good hauls of up to 20 squid have been re­ported one day, and then strug­gle to one or two the next.

Good qual­ity squid jigs will in­crease catch rates, es­pe­cially when they are fussy. It also pays to have a range of sizes, es­pe­cially when ex­tra­big squid are about.

Big squid will not touch a small jig, but will be ag­gres­sive with big­ger jigs, es­pe­cially when there are a few of them in the school.

These days there are many colours and makes of squid jigs — some­times the colours suit the an­glers more than the preda­tors, but it pays to have a good se­lec­tion.

Large bait balls have been slowly mak­ing their way around the shore­lines on the tip of the cape.

At this time of the year, these bait balls will usu­ally hug the shore­line.

On an in­com­ing tide, or the start of a run-out, bait balls are of­ten ha­rassed by schools of queen­fish and trevally species.

Small stick­baits, pop­pers and chrome slices are all ef­fec­tive in tempt­ing these species into a bite.

Dunes Beach has been hold­ing good bait balls con­sis­tently and re­ports of queen­fish up to a me­tre have been com­mon.

Fly fish­ing is also an­other deadly method of tar­get­ing all these species, es­pe­cially in shal­low wa­ter, where these fish can some­times be­come slightly timid of sur­face lures.

Well-pre­sented clousers in chartreuse colours are hard to beat in these sit­u­a­tions. A fast re­trieve seems to work best, es­pe­cially when there are a few fish about.

A strip­ping bas­ket is rec­om­mended along rocky ar­eas and some­times it is eas­ier along the beaches when the waves dump hard and wash up steep sec­tions of the beach.

The Ex­mouth Game Fish­ing Club’s next event is the Reef Clas­sic. There are al­ways great prizes and in­ter­est­ing catches. To en­ter, visit their web­site or call in to grab an en­try form.

Pic­ture: Tack­le­world Ex­mouth

Squid num­bers should rise around Ex­mouth soon.

Pic­ture: Peter de Krui­jff

Last year’s bill­fish cham­pi­ons Kate and Hamish McLeod were pre­sented their tro­phy by Arg­onaut Marine’s Kim Lyons.

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