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There is a reg­u­lar say­ing in Ex­mouth that is start­ing to fade: “It never rains in Ex­mouth” may need to be changed.

We need to check the records, but in my time, I don’t re­call it rain­ing for this long, ever.

De­spite the soggy grounds, the fish have been lov­ing it and not stopped feed­ing for those who are keen to try and catch a fish.

Young­sters at the ma­rina have been get­ting into bream, quee­nies, trevally and wrasse.

Up the creeks, there are still plenty of bream, flat­head, grunter, mal­abar cod and the odd sand bass.

A sand bass looks sim­i­lar to a bar­ra­mundi in the body shape and are of­ten in­cor­rectly iden­ti­fied as barra, how­ever they are very dif­fer­ent around the head and jaw­line.

Sand bass only grow to just un­der 50cm and are not very good eat­ing, while barra grow much big­ger and the salt­wa­ter barra are good eat­ing (as op­posed to fresh­wa­ter barra you can get in some restau­rants or from cer­tain fish farms).

We don’t get a lot of barra in Ex­mouth though, but there are plenty of other tastier fish to target for eat­ing.

Co­ral trout have been preva­lent in the gulf and on the west side, with many of them be­ing tempted by the En­tice jigs. Other brands of jigs and soft plas­tics seem to lure trout from their ter­ri­tory as well and Abel Man­ning has been suc­cess­ful with them re­cently.

Trout are not easy to target on rod and reel, es­pe­cially with bait, yet ju­nior an­gler Trent Gre­gory man­aged to land a co­ral trout on 15kg line in the gulf us­ing garfish as bait.

Young­ster Jared Chars­ley caught a 75cm trout in the 15m depths on the gulf this month on a han­d­line us­ing mack­erel bait.

Jared won the monthly fish­ing com­pe­ti­tion with his catch.

An­drew Arun­del was up re­cently from Perth on a fish­ing trip and headed south of Tantabiddi in search of some good fish in the 80m depths.

They fished nearly all day with lit­tle re­ward, but were all smiles at 5pm af­ter stay­ing con­nected to two red em­peror and a good-sized gold­band snap­per in just 10 min­utes.

The guys were stoked with the fi­nal catch, as you can tell by this week’s pic­ture.

Luke Ha­mon re­cently caught a 180kg black mar­lin and the crew on­board had no hes­i­ta­tion in jump­ing in with the fish to as­sist with the re­lease.

The Ladies Day fish­ing com­pe­ti­tio­nis on at the end of the month if you are keen to get out for the day and let the guys do all the work?

Fur­ther de­tails next will be avail­able next week.

Pic­ture: Tom Zaun­mayr

An­drew Arun­del with a red em­peror.

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