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Bren­don Grylls has not held back on his dra­matic tilt at the Na­tion­als lead­er­ship, say­ing he does not be­lieve the Gov­ern­ment is in a winnable po­si­tion to suc­ceed in the March State elec­tion.

In pot-shots at both Cab­i­net and Can­berra, Mr Grylls took aim at the last State Bud­get for wors­en­ing WA’s fi­nan­cial po­si­tion and said he did not be­lieve the GST tide would come back in.

Mr Grylls, who aimed to take back the lead­er­ship po­si­tion he gave Terry Red­man three years ago, said the Na­tion­als had a “won­der­ful his­tory, since 1913, of putting for­ward ideas”.

On the ques­tion of why he thought the Gov­ern­ment would lose, Mr Grylls said there was a lack of pol­icy strength.

“I don’t cur­rently be­lieve we have a pol­icy po­si­tion to en­able us to chal­lenge, to win, in 2017.

“I will have my say on that pol­icy, my col­leagues will have their say,” he said.

Mr Grylls said WA’s fi­nances were in a “pre­car­i­ous po­si­tion” and sug­gested he was the only one com­ing up with a so­lu­tion.

“Peo­ple’s jobs are at risk. Job se­cu­rity is the big­gest is­sue this elec­tion. I have a plan around that. I’ve had a his­tory of liv­ing or dy­ing on the is­sue, of putting for­ward pol­icy ideas and cam­paign­ing to the max­i­mum of my abil­ity on it,” he said.

Mr Red­man said he did not agree with Mr Grylls state­ment that the Gov­ern­ment could not win a third term and said it was not un­usual for there to be lead­er­ship chal­lenges in po­lit­i­cal par­ties.

“There’s a whole range of stuff that’s out in the me­dia,” he said. “I’m dis­ap­pointed with that, but again we are try­ing to de­liver an out­come for peo­ple who live in re­gional WA.”

Mr Red­man said he did not think it was “the right thing” to canvass other par­ties’ lead­er­ship sit­u­a­tions.

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Lead­er­ship tilt: Pil­bara MLA Bren­don Grylls.

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