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Psy­chic medium Sue Ni­chol­son will bring her show An­swers from the Other Side to Kar­ratha next week­end.

Mrs Ni­chol­son is a renowned medium based in New Zealand who is a reg­u­lar on the hit TV show Sens­ing Mur­der in which she uses her abil­i­ties to help re-ex­am­ine unsolved mur­der and miss­ing per­son cases.

She is a clairau­di­ent, clairsen­tient and clair­voy­ant mean­ing she hears, feels and sees spir­its and has been work­ing as a psy­chic for more than 25 years.

This will be Mrs Ni­chol­son’s first ever trip to WA and she said she is look­ing for­ward to Kar­ratha’s warm weather.

Dur­ing her shows, Mrs Ni­chol­son says she in­ter­acts with the crowd and de­liv­ers mes­sages from de­ceased friends and rel­a­tives.

“We have laughs and we have tears and I say to peo­ple when I first in­tro­duce my­self and I never know what’s go­ing to hap­pen but I do know that we’re go­ing to (meet) some spir­its,” she said. “It’s quite a very event­ful and full-on evening.”

Mrs Ni­chol­son says her shows of­ten run over­time be­cause the spir­its keep talk­ing to her, feel­ing as though it’s “rude” not to con­vey mes­sages peo­ple from the other side are try­ing to get across.

“It’s sup­posed to fin­ish at half past 10 but the spir­its con­tinue to talk and some­times the venue peo­ple come up and (say) we need to close up,” she said.

“It’s like some­body knock­ing on your door and you go to open it and go, ‘yeah what do you want?’ and shut the door in their face.”

Mrs Ni­chol­son will also be run­ning an all-day work­shop to help peo­ple get in touch with their “sixth sense”.

“Peo­ple look at (the work­shops) and go, ‘I don’t want to talk to dead peo­ple’ — it’s not about that,” she said. “It’s ac­tu­ally work­ing with the dif­fer­ent vi­bra­tions and en­ergy that you can out into your ev­ery­day life.”

Par­tic­i­pants at the work­shop will spend the day with Mrs Ni­chol­son to see first­hand how she con­nects with the spirit world and en­gage in ex­er­cises and ac­tiv­i­ties de­sign to tap into their psy­chic abil­i­ties.

“I have to show them how the other side works and how they get mes­sages through so we do med­i­ta­tion ... we walk with pen­du­lums, we work with the chakra en­er­gies in your body,” she said.

“We do psy­chom­e­try (which) is hold­ing an ob­ject or a pho­to­graph and just feel­ing what you’re get­ting from them and we also do card read­ings.

I’ll show you how to read an aura and to see your own aura.”

“Also I do an ex­er­cise where I send (peo­ple) into a deep med­i­ta­tion and I open their third eye and their chakra.”

An­swers from the Other Side is from 7.30pm on Fri­day, Septem­ber 2, at the Kar­ratha Leisure­plex.

The psy­chic work­shop will be held at the Leisure­plex, at 9am, on Satur­day, Septem­ber 3.

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Pyschic medium Sue Ni­chol­son will host a show and work­shop in Kar­ratha next week­end.

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