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What’s worked for you in the past may not work for you now. You’re also faced with a dif­fer­ent set of cir­cum­stances. Don’t worry — you’ll find a new com­fort zone soon enough. In the mean­time, you’ve some se­ri­ous ad­just­ing to do. Projects may be ham­pered. Some­one’s tim­ing is off, or you feel oth­ers are sti­fling your free­dom or de­lib­er­ately de­lay­ing your progress. Nonethe­less you can still main­tain fo­cus. For now, short-term projects are more likely to at­tract your in­ter­est Your rul­ing planet, Mer­cury, is be­hav­ing badly. Mer­cury rules sib­lings, con­tracts, cars, tech­nol­ogy and travel, so take care — con­fu­sion may sur­round these ar­eas un­til Septem­ber 21. There are no prizes for dis­cov­er­ing that you don’t think or feel the same way oth­ers do. Most peo­ple are used to this, so they should know bet­ter than to force your hand. This is spe­cially the case now, when you’re more in­spired than ever. Go on, Can­cer — live the dream. If it sud­denly seems like the fates have it out for you, that’s not so. It’s just a mis­chievous Mer­cury play­ing up. Mer­cury is def­i­nitely play­ing pranks, but dur­ing these next weeks all the up­ended plans, tan­gles and scrapes will right them­selves. This week, dou­ble check dates, times and ad­dresses. A ret­ro­grade Mer­cury can cause al­most any­thing to go hay­wire now. Travel can also be sub­ject to de­lay. Don’t en­rol in cour­ses, and don’t buy any­thing elec­tronic or me­chan­i­cal. Mer­cury turns ret­ro­grade this week, and all man­ner of ir­ri­tat­ing de­lays set in. Use the time to go through old pa­pers, tidy up cor­re­spon­dence, com­plete projects and other un­fin­ished busi­ness. Com­put­ers may ex­pe­ri­ence crashes or fail­ures. This week, Mer­cury per­suades you to slow down and pay at­ten­tion to what’s go­ing on around you. You need to re­flect on what you’re try­ing to ac­com­plish, while en­sur­ing your next steps are the best ones to take. If plans go awry, your mis­sion is to sim­ply step back, take a deep It’s a good thing your en­ergy lev­els are in for a top-up this week, as Mer­cury keeps you busy. Just don’t be sur­prised if some out­comes are dif­fer­ent from those planned. Love at first sight isn’t out of the ques­tion ei­ther. Your pop­u­lar­ity this week should go a long way to­wards ad­vanc­ing pro­fes­sional am­bi­tions. Maybe not so fast off the blocks is a love in­ter­est, but you’ve plenty of other mat­ters to at­tend to. A fam­ily mem­ber or pet may need some ex­tra care. With Mer­cury in ret­ro­grade mo­tion, be care­ful what you wish for, as mak­ing choices could be con­fus­ing now. To avoid neg­a­tive fall­out, shop at stores with a good re­turns pol­icy and avoid mak­ing prom­ises or com­mit­ments. Wait a few weeks be­fore mak­ing ma­jor pur­chases. The Sun prom­ises more cash, but a ret­ro­grade Mer­cury causes de­lays or fi­nan­cial back­track­ing. Re­duce debt and cut ex­penses. Do this, and you’ll soon trans­form po­ten­tial losses into con­sid­er­able gains. There’s also a ro­man­tic de­tour.

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