Ejec­tors a new way to target pests

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WA farm­ers have ac­cess to a new method of de­ploy­ing 1080 bait for use against foxes and wild dogs.

Canid Pest Ejec­tors are a small de­vice in­serted in the ground with a lure head at­tached to the top.

When the lure head is pulled firmly up­wards, a pis­ton fires, spray­ing 1080 liq­uid from the bait cap­sule into the canid’s mouth.

Depart­ment of Agri­cul­ture and Food re­search of­fi­cer Mal­colm Kennedy said only trained and au­tho­rised land­hold­ers could buy and lay baits con­tain­ing 1080.

“To be­come an ap­proved user of CPE 1080 cap­sules land­hold­ers must un­dergo or have pre­vi­ously un­der­taken land­holder train­ing for the use of 1080 and must have a valid per­mit,” he said.

CPE 1080 cap­sules will be avail­able from most S7 ru­ral mer­chan­dise stores in 3mg and 6mg doses for foxes and wild dogs re­spec­tively. The sale of CPE de­vices, pre­man­u­fac­tured lure heads and as­so­ci­ated hard­ware other than the 1080 cap­sules is un­re­stricted.

The depart­ment’s re­stricted chem­i­cal per­mit sys­tem has been mod­i­fied to in­clude CPEs as a prod­uct on the ap­pli­ca­tion form.

Cur­rent 1080 au­tho­rised land­hold­ers wish­ing to use CPEs will need to ap­ply for an amend­ment to their cur­rent Re­stricted Chem­i­cal Per­mit through the depart­ment’s RCP process. A per­mit amend­ment fee of $38.50 ap­plies.

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