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Ren­o­vat­ing a house is not for the faint-hearted. It can be time con­sum­ing, ef­fort in­ten­sive and of­ten ex­pen­sive, so it’s im­por­tant to know what you’re get­ting into.

Be­fore kick­start­ing a renovation project, make sure you’ve ad­dressed these ques­tions.

1. What ex­actly do you plan to ren­o­vate?

You want any im­prove­ments you make to be seam­less and fit in with the de­sign of the orig­i­nal home. Mod­ernising one area, like a kitchen or bath­room, may look out of place if it doesn’t blend well with the rest of the home.

You will also need to de­ter­mine how in­volved the ren­o­va­tions will be. Are you plan­ning a small up­grade to one or two rooms, or some­thing more ex­ten­sive like an ex­ten­sion? You’ll need to es­tab­lish a rough timeline of how long the project will take and whether or not you can live in the home for the en­tire du­ra­tion. If not, you’ll need to fig­ure out where you will stay dur­ing this time.

2. What is your bud­get for this project?

Es­tab­lish­ing a bud­get from the out­set and work­ing to it is key. How much money are you will­ing (and able) to spend on this renovation? Does this money cover your wish list or do you need to read­just your ex­pec­ta­tions?

Over-ex­ert­ing your­self fi­nan­cially is risky. Be re­al­is­tic and work to your bud­get. You can al­ways stag­ger the project.

3. Will your ren­o­va­tions add value?

Im­prov­ing a prop­erty’s cap­i­tal value is of­ten a driv­ing fac­tor be­hind the de­ci­sion to ren­o­vate.

If your plan is to ren­o­vate so you can sell your house at a bet­ter price, then you need to be strate­gic about what fea­tures and ad­di­tions you choose.

On the flip side, if you plan to live in the home long-term and your pri­mary mo­ti­va­tion is to im­prove your per­sonal liv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, then you have more free­dom to make changes that suit your unique pref­er­ences.

4. Will you en­gage a pro­fes­sional or is this a DIY project?

Whether or not you en­gage a pro­fes­sional de­signer and builder to over­see this project is likely to de­pend on the size and scale of the renovation.

If it’s a small im­prove­ment, you might feel com­fort­able com­plet­ing the project your­self; how­ever if it’s a big job it’s prob­a­bly smarter to use the ser­vices of a pro­fes­sional.

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