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1. Who played Al­fred Bor­den in 2006 movie The Pres­tige?

2. In Greek mythology which crea­ture was part man and part bull?

3. What is the full name of the fic­tional pilot called Big­gles?

4. Which spirit is used in the cock­tail called a My Fair Lady?

5. Bruny Is­land is lo­cated off the coast of which Aus­tralian state?

6. Which band re­leased the song Can't Bowl, Can't Throw?

7. In what year was the Mac­quarie Dic­tionary first pub­lished?

8. Ro­mu­lus and Re­mus are the tra­di­tional founders of which city?

9. True or false - An­gelina Jolie ap­peared as an ex­tra in the first se­ries of Friends?

10. Which car com­pany made the Cres­sida?

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