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Too much pur­ple is never enough for the staff of Bat­tery World Kar­ratha, and that also ap­plies to the month-long men’s health aware­ness cam­paign, Movem­ber.

This month the nearly 200 fran­chisees and staff of the na­tional com­pany, the trade­mark colour of which is pur­ple, will go the ex­tra mile for Movem­ber by not only grow­ing mous­taches but also dy­ing them pur­ple.

It marks a first-time cam­paign for the Bat­tery World team, which is tak­ing the colour­ful ex­tra step after sev­eral of its team mem­bers faced prostate cancer this year.

Last week, Bat­tery World Kar­ratha fran­chisee Rus­sell Taylor said while no one in the lo­cal team had com­mit­ted to the “very unique” cam­paign yet, there was likely to be some par­tic­u­larly colour co-or­di­nated fa­cial hair sprout­ing at the store in com­ing weeks.

“We haven’t signed up peo­ple yet but that cer­tainly will be the next dis­cus­sion with the team,” he said.

“I be­lieve we’re go­ing to have a few pur­ple mous­taches.”

He said sport­ing a pur­ple mous­tache was a sure way to draw at­ten­tion to the cause of bet­ter men’s health.

“I think it’s a great cam­paign and it can be only a good thing,” he said.

“The more peo­ple that are aware of it, the ear­lier cases can get iden­ti­fied and treated.”

Townsville fran­chisee Greg Les­lie said he would sup­port the cam­paign be­cause his fa­ther had been af­fected by cancer, re­cov­er­ing twice thanks to early intervention.

“My dad, Bill, typ­i­cal of men his gen­er­a­tion, has never been one for doc­tors ... but as he has grown older he has seen the wis­dom,” he said.

“He has now been clear of prostate cancer for four years thanks to early intervention.

“And just last week he was re­leased from hospi­tal after they suc­cess­fully re­moved bowel cancer — all thanks to catch­ing it early.”

“While the fe­male fran­chisees and staff across Aus­tralia will sport fake mous­taches, the whole male team from stores to sup­port of­fice, will do their best to grow and dye our mo’s pur­ple in the hope that be­ing a bit silly helps get the mes­sage across to men they are not invin­ci­ble.”

Pic­ture: Bat­tery World

Bat­tery World fran­chisee Greg Les­lie and sup­port staff are go­ing the ex­tra mile for Movem­ber, grow­ing mous­taches and dy­ing them pur­ple to im­prove aware­ness of men's health.

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