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Aries (March 21 - April 20)

One of life’s cer­tain­ties is that not all minds agree. This week could see de­vi­ous ac­tiv­ity be­hind the scenes, when some­one tries to nudge their own pref­er­ences to­wards a fait ac­com­pli. Stand your ground.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

It’s time to re­treat and re­group. Quit any sit­u­a­tion where progress seems un­likely. Cut your losses and get rid of ob­sta­cles that play down your pro­fes­sional tal­ents. This will pre­pare you for the chal­lenges, and much suc­cess, ahead.

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

The plan­ets have sud­den shifts of mood and en­ergy this week, and so do you. Ini­tially, you may find your­self out of step. If there’s any­thing im­por­tant you want to dis­cuss, fi­nalise or or­gan­ise, leave it un­til week’s end. You’re less likely to stir up a hor­net’s nest.

Can­cer (June 22 - July 22)

Per­sonal mat­ters or family take pri­or­ity this week. A change of home may soon be nec­es­sary. At the very least, plans for re­lo­ca­tion are put into mo­tion. Se­cret ro­mance should stay pri­vate, so don’t be tempted to tell all.

Leo (July 23 - Au­gust 23)

This week re­la­tion­ships take pri­or­ity. You’re ready for a deeper kind of love. Long-dis­tance re­la­tion­ships, cross-cul­tural con­nec­tions or just an at­trac­tion to some­one far from your usual type are all pos­si­bil­i­ties. Or a re­vived past ro­mance.

Virgo (Au­gust 24 - Septem­ber 22)

You’re able to do a mil­lion things at once, and that’s a rare skill. Right now, you dream of mak­ing a ca­reer change, but ev­ery­thing feels too un­sta­ble. Com­mu­ni­cate your feel­ings an­other week, when you’ll be able to ar­tic­u­late them bet­ter.

Libra (Septem­ber 23 - Oc­to­ber 23)

Gen­er­ally, you’re clever at get­ting your message across. That’s be­cause you were born with the gift of the gab, an as­set which usu­ally works to your ad­van­tage. Un­for­tu­nately, the chat lines are down right now. It seems no one’s will­ing to lis­ten.

Scorpio (Oc­to­ber 24 - Novem­ber 22)

If there's one thing you know, it's that you’re a sur­vivor. Even when times are tough, most Scor­pios main­tain their am­bi­tion and op­ti­mism, both tremen­dous as­sets, mak­ing this a work-hard, play­hard kind of week.

Sagittarius (Novem­ber 23 - De­cem­ber 21)

The plan­ets have caused much anx­i­ety lately but they now change their mood and mind. Pro­fes­sion­ally, you have a fixed idea of what you want. So act with con­fi­dence, se­cure in the knowl­edge that most of the world will treat you well.

Capricorn (De­cem­ber 22 - Jan­uary 20)

You feel a lift in hap­pi­ness and op­ti­mism, which spills over into love and friend­ships. As it’s not re­ally the time for solo efforts, pair­ing up with oth­ers is the way to go. The other sur­prise? A gift or cash bonus.

Aquarius (Jan­uary 21 - Fe­bru­ary 18)

Ca­reer plans should soon come to fruition. Sub­mit­ting to a be­hindthe-scenes role no longer suits the Aquar­ian style and star­tled com­peti­tors will be caught off-guard as you take the lead. At home, com­pro­mise that will pro­mote peace.

Pisces (Fe­bru­ary 19 - March 20)

Just when you started to feel happy with your lot, along comes a whis­per of dis­con­tent. But it’s not just a mat­ter of you be­ing hard to please. There’s still some dead wood about. Take stock, and de­cide what’s no longer work­ing for you and then trash it guilt-free.

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