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Pil­bara weather is mostly blue skies and sunny days, so when a cloud — a sin­gle, tiny cloud — ap­peared on the hori­zon we be­gan pre­par­ing for the worst, if so­cial me­dia is any­thing to go by.

There goes the neigh­bour­hood.


Of all the days/nights for the clouds to roll in, it had to be tonight! @DSC_pho­tog­ra­phy

Looks like rain, time to stop work out­side and have a beer. By­ron Lind­say

Watch out Kar­ratha, big wet com­ing. Sandy Nitschke

Look­ing like nasty weather is com­ing we have a cloud. Darin Welsh

Wet sea­son in Kar­ratha? @JamieNi­co­laou

Bit cloudy out to­day.


Bren­don Grylls and the WA Na­tion­als’ plan to im­pose a $5-per-tonne sur­charge on Rio Tinto and BHP Bil­li­ton’s iron ore ex­ports con­tin­ues to at­tract heated de­bate.

Grylls, don’t give in to the large min­ing com­pa­nies the jobs were al­ready gone be­fore you came along. Nigel Mor­gan

Say no to the tax. Gavin James

The more I read the more con­vinced I am that Grylls is just big-not­ing to try and make a name for him­self. Where is his re­port to jus­tify the hike and pin­point how the com­pa­nies are go­ing to find this money with­out hav­ing to sac­ri­fice jobs? The man’s not done his home­work in my opin­ion. Ju­lia Hud­son

Big min­ers are still mak­ing plenty of money don’t worry, and they will prob­a­bly use this as an ex­cuse to re­move more work­ers. But they were go­ing to do that any­way to make way for more con­trac­tors, cheap flex­i­ble labour. Craig Mur­phy

Min­ers should do more for the re­gion and not send the cash to Perth so McGowan or Bar­nett waste it on in­flat­ing their egos. @KuwaatiDYCinc

Red Dog: True Blue will be screen­ing in Kar­ratha and Roe­bourne three weeks be­fore mak­ing its de­but on the big screen around Aus­tralia. Plans for a Red Dog mu­seum are also gather­ing mo­men­tum.

How about Para, the birth place of Red Dog. Elly Bla

Ooooh! Red car­pet event. Joelle Bai­ley Ford

Big times ahead for Kar­ratha. Melissa McGee

OMG maybe they should make a big bronze flea or tick, that would be ap­pro­pri­ate for the mangy mutt. I’m guess­ing this is a short movie, if it had any re­al­ity of his life it would go a bit like this, there was once a dog that trav­elled around, it stank and was bad tem­pered, it bit kids, it got shot and poi­soned. The end. Mark Cas­tano

Would’ve been bet­ter at the Tom Price drive-in. Lance Cameron

Ex­mouth is known for be­ing laid back, but the bot­tom IGA seems to have taken that one step fur­ther. Their open­ing hours sign says closed on Sun­day, which is fine, ex­cept right be­low that it states open seven days.

That’s siesta day.


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