Lawn care tips to make neighbours green with envy

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Those of us who have drought tol­er­ant and hot cli­mate lawns will have seen some pretty sad look­ing patches in win­ter but now the growth re­turns, it’s a good time to fer­tilise and get rid of any weeds that are still lurk­ing about.

If you have bare patches, do not use yel­low sand to in­fill them — get ei­ther lawn loam or goodqual­ity com­post and lightly dress all of the lawn.

Apply a wet­ting agent be­fore ap­ply­ing a slow-re­lease fer­tiliser.

If your lawn is es­tab­lished it doesn’t need phos­pho­rus, so choose a low phos­pho­rus fer­tiliser.

Sum­mer lawn care tips

Turf Aus­tralia pres­i­dent Ross Boyle has th­ese mow­ing tips to en­sure your lawn makes your neighbours green with envy this sum­mer

1. The best time to mow your lawn in sum­mer is early morn­ing or late af­ter­noon.

In the hottest part of the day, not only will you risk get­ting a few too many rays but your lawn can burn too.

How­ever, do avoid mow­ing in the rain be­cause wet grass can clog your mower and in­creases the risk of fun­gal dis­ease.

2. As lawn gen­er­ally grows faster in sum­mer, you are likely go­ing to need to mow of­ten, with about ev­ery fort­night be­ing ideal.

Mow­ing reg­u­larly also means you are never re­mov­ing too much of the lawn at one time, which can scalp the lawn.

3. Sum­mer is of­ten when the back­yard gets the most use.

This in­creased foot (and po­ten­tially paw) traf­fic means you can raise the height of your mower blades to keep the grass slightly longer.

Fast-grow­ing va­ri­eties such as couch, buf­falo and kikuyu should be mown to about 30mm whereas slower-grow­ing va­ri­eties such as zoysia should be mown a lit­tle higher, about 45mm.

Also, it is im­por­tant never to mow more than a third of the grass height at one time.

Keep your lawn green and alive through­out the hot sum­mer months.

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