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For the past year, Joyce Penny and her burger bus have been ar­guably the best thing about driv­ing on the North West Coastal High­way, with her cheap food and in­fec­tious per­son­al­ity cheer­ing up all who stopped by to say “G’day”.

Emu Creek Sta­tion cou­ple Joyce and Dar­ryl Penny started up the pop­u­lar bus at the Bar­radale Rest Stop south of Nanu­tarra last year.

Un­for­tu­nately, the yel­low-and-red bus will not be seen at the stop any longer.

The cou­ple have de­cided to move to Cue, where they will take over the Queen of the Murchi­son Ho­tel.

Mrs Penny said it was only by chance the cou­ple had de­cided on Cue as their next move.

“It must have been around Septem­ber last year I got sick and had to take a few days off some­where cooler,” she said.

“So I went down south to our lit­tle farm near Nar­ro­gin and I just said to my­self ‘I don’t want to live here’.

“I got this mes­sage in my head say­ing ‘go to Cue’ so I wan­dered my way up there and that’s where I saw that this Queen of the Murchi­son had a ‘for sale’ sign on it.

“It was one of those meant-to-be kind of things.” The move means putting the cou­ple’s grand plan to drive around Aus­tralia sell­ing burg­ers on ice, but Mrs Penny said her pop­u­lar burg­ers would be on the cards for the Queen of the Murchi­son as part of an ex­panded menu.

Adding fuel to the de­sire to move was an in­creas­ing frustration with the pas­toral in­dus­try.

“We find the pri­mary in­dus­try is not good for the pro­ducer,” Mrs Penny said.

“You’ve got to wait so long for the money and when you do get it, it is a pit­tance com­pared to what is paid at the shops.

Mrs Penny said she would miss the reg­u­lars, and in par­tic­u­lar the cheeky truck driv­ers who stopped by for a chat.

She said she and Mr Penny would love to see the burger bus cus­tomers come out and visit the Queen when they got set­tled in, hope­fully by the end of March.

“We’ve loved our time here and I know there will be a lot of things I will miss once we’re gone,” she said.

“I ex­pect there will be other pos­i­tive things to come of this.

“You’ve just got to look on the bright side of life be­cause if you con­cen­trate on the bad parts then God, you won’t last long.”

Pic­ture: Tom Zaun­mayr

Dar­ryl and Joyce Penny with the Burger Bus at Bar­radale Rest Stop.

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