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One Na­tion re­vealed its Pil­bara can­di­date as Perth res­i­dent An­drea Ran­dle this month. It then quickly changed its pick to cli­mate change scep­tic David Archibald, who is also not a Pil­bara res­i­dent.

That'll work!

Jamie Ni­co­laou

I can hear the lo­cals say­ing what a bunch of mup­pets.


Makes you won­der have they even heard of the Pil­bara.


Yep and they still get the vote.

Jess Grig­son

Todd Cor­po­ra­tion signed a State Agree­ment with the WA Gov­ern­ment last week to progress the Balla Balla mine, port and rail project. If it goes ahead it will cre­ate about 3000 con­struc­tion and 900 pro­duc­tion jobs. The com­pany sig­nalled an in­tent to have a res­i­den­tial work­force.

It would be great if BHP Bil­li­ton and Rio Tinto also pri­ori­tised lo­cal workers and busi­nesses!

Dave Grills

There’s no way that’s go­ing ahead with the price of iron ore. If you’d lis­ten to the Pre­mier he said it’s mov­ing to the next stage and maybe to the con­struc­tion stage. Just re­mem­ber there’s an elec­tion com­ing up.

Trevor Payne

Hope the Whim Creek Pub is a sa­cred site.

Des­mond Broad

We have been cart­ing in there for many weeks and con­trac­tors bring don­gas etc. in there. Best thing is Whim Creek will reap the big re­wards out of this.

Den­nis Pavli­novich

In the­ory sounds great, but those days of liv­ing in these towns are over. FIFO is the only way and it's still lo­cal to WA.

Melissa Lewis

Pretty hard to ex­pect peo­ple to in­vest in min­ing towns, just look at what hap­pened down at Raven­sthorpe and Hopetoun.

Scott Kaye

Good luck find­ing 3000 peo­ple to re­lo­cate to a res­i­den­tial town in the mid­dle of nowhere.

Ro­han Jenyns

Just an­other elec­tion hoax. There is no fund­ing for this and I doubt any­one would with the cur­rent iron ore price risk.

Ian Dull­away

If Oaka­jee port and rail won't go ahead in WA, what makes us think this will? Re­mem­ber Bar­nett's "full back­ing" of Oaka­jee? I'll be­lieve it when I see it.

Ryan McEwan

An­other fish­ing spot taken and to be ru­ined.

Kath Ryan

It got a bit windy and rainy in the Pil­bara last week as trop­i­cal cy­clone Al­fred made its way down the coast.

Yes please to the rain! Hold the wind.


Glad I no longer live near Telfer, got stuck in Port Hed­land last year for a week wait­ing for the river flood­ing to go down! It keeps rain­ing here in Alice but at least I don't need to drive through nu­mer­ous rivers.

Shar­mon Allen

In other parts of the coun­try a cat 1 is called a very windy day.

Sean Smith

Pil­bar­ians once again showed they are ex­cel­lent at nam­ing an­i­mals. Project Manta has asked the pub­lic to name a manta ray found off the North West Cape.

Manta ray Cyrus.

Chris Alexan­der

Fly­ing shade sail.

Ja­cob Crowhurst

Ste­vie Ray

Marco Martinez

Peo­ple are ex­cited be­cause there is a new restau­rant open­ing in Ex­mouth this month and they will be brew­ing their own beer.

Well done lads. Awe­some stuff, can't wait to come up and check it out.

Ryan Wellings

Great news.

Melissa Price, Du­rack

Awe­some stuff, cap­i­tal­is­ing on fu­ture tourism etc. Al­ways said why is there no brew­ery in the re­gion.

Kathy Louise-Payne

That is good news for Ex­mouth, wish it was there when I lived in Ex­mouth.

Ray Rum­mel

There are some great boat names in the Pil­bara. We posted two to In­sta­gram last week, in­clud­ing the one pic­tured.



100 per cent.


Pic­ture: Tom Zaun­mayr

Could this be the best-named boat in the Pil­bara?

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