Dealer jail prom­ise doesn’t go far enough

Pilbara News - - Opinion - Len Paggi Carnar­von

Both La­bor and the Lib­er­als are to be con­grat­u­lated for their pro­posed harsher penal­ties for drug deal­ers.

The prob­lem I have is that they have not gone far enough.

Deal­ers, say with more than 500g, should be done away with.

I know, and can hear the do-good­ers and lawyers who can’t make a bag of money legally ar­gu­ing for these low lifes, cry­ing out how wrong this would be.

They don’t seem to re­alise the peo­ple they ter­ri­bly hurt, and in par­tic­u­lar how they com­pletely ruin the lives of, or kill, many of our young peo­ple in the prime of their lives. We have to look at the peo­ple they kill, at the fam­i­lies they ruin, at re­tired par­ents spend­ing all their life sav­ings, try­ing to pro­tect their kids from long jail terms, the old peo­ple bashed in their own homes for money and car keys, the fear of walk­ing down the street lest you are mugged, and the low­er­ing of so­ci­ety’s well­be­ing in gen­eral.

I won­der who would be against such laws if they con­sid­ered all the above.

Give them am­ple no­tice that this is what they will face if they con­tinue their evil trade, and then hit them with­out mercy.

It is bad enough that we have peo­ple in­volved in con­sum­ing the drugs with all the con­se­quences, and I agree with the pro­posed sen­tences.

Let’s hope they are not just elec­tion prom­ises to be bro­ken once the elec­tions are over.

If you are ap­pre­hended with large quan­ti­ties, then you don’t de­serve to stuff up our so­ci­ety any longer.

I don’t see why hard-work­ing peo­ple should pay taxes to keep you an­i­mals in jail at some $100,000 a year when we could use this money for the ben­e­fit of our so­ci­ety.

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