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Pilbara News - - Opinion - There were mixed emo­tions about the im­pend­ing open­ing of Qan­tas’ new lounge at the Kar­ratha Air­port next month. The first lithium ship­ment from the

Yes build a lounge, money well spent. Never mind the $1025 one-way ticket from Kar­ratha to Perth they tried to charge over Easter. A lounge is def­i­nitely more im­por­tant than re­duc­ing fares. Lau­ren Kukura Can’t see too many lo­cals using it. Mainly FIFOs with gold class. How about some­thing that lo­cals will ben­e­fit from? Sly Flix Qan­tas lounge!! Hurry up in­ter­na­tional. Ali­cia Pike Awe­some news. Natalie Singe

The City of Kar­ratha has put a 1.5 per cent rates rise for 2017-18 out for pub­lic feed­back. It has been pretty unan­i­mous on­line. Rates are sup­posed to be based on prop­erty valuations. There should be a sharp de­crease in rates. Kingswood Crabbey As prop­erty value continues to fall, rents con­tinue to fall, jobs con­tinue to dis­ap­pear and peo­ple con­tinue to leave, why not kick us in the guts again? Next thing the coun­cil will be get­ting a pay rise, watch out for that. Peter Sch­midtchen This is not right. We pay al­ready too much. The Coun­cil should put the think­ing cap on and for once con­sider the lo­cals and prop­erty own­ers as well. The in­crease can’t be jus­ti­fied shortly. The rates should be de­creased based on the prop­erty valuations like ev­ery­where else. Anda Irvine If the City keeps go­ing ahead with the Homemaker in­vest­ment idea and worse still, buy­ing the Quar­ter, it won’t be a small rate rise from then on. Will Scott Why don’t I come down to the city of Kar­ratha car park and lie down so you can kick me in the guts as well. Jason Kyle

Pil­bara went to China last week and it seems ev­ery­one had the same thought. Hm­mmm yet again we’ll sell cheap to China to buy back at a higher price. We need to process these me­tals here. Re­becca Co­hen Process it here. With all the gas up there power should be cheap! Garry Clicke Posts and comments on so­cial me­dia may be pub­lished and edited for le­gal, con­tent or space rea­sons. face­­baraNews @Pil­baraNews @Pil­baraNews

Pic­ture: Ranae Lam­monby

Ranae Lam­monby posted this Easter shot of Robe River near Pan­na­won­ica on In­sta­gram.

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