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Who is the av­er­age Pil­bar­ian?

32 years old. The av­er­age Statewide is 36, Aus­tralia-wide, it was 38.

Has a to­tal per­sonal in­come of $1462 weekly.

Their fam­ily has a to­tal in­come of $2907 weekly.

Their mort­gage re­pay­ment sits at $2600 a month. If they rent, they pay $189 a week. The av­er­age house­hold size is 2.8 peo­ple.

Who lives in the Pil­bara?

46,532 peo­ple live in the Pil­bara (Min­ing and Pas­toral) State elec­toral divi­sion.

57 per cent of the peo­ple liv­ing in the area are male and 42.6 per cent are fe­male. Statewide, the split male to fe­male is 50/50.

24 per cent of Pil­bara res­i­dents were born abroad.

72 per cent of Pil­bara res­i­dents are Aus­tralian ci­ti­zens.

16 per cent of Pil­bara res­i­dents are Abo­rig­i­nal and/or Tor­res Straight Is­lan­der. This com­pares to the to­tal Statewide fig­ure, which sits at 3.1 per cent.

23 per cent of Pil­bara res­i­dents (the largest group by age) are be­tween 25-34 years old.

The Pil­bara has just 57 res­i­dents aged 85 and over, and only 215 be­tween 75 and 84.

172 res­i­dents said they hadn’t gone to school, but 32 per cent of res­i­dents com­pleted Year 12 or equiv­a­lent.

Where have peo­ple born abroad come from?

Ki­wis top the list of for­eign-born Pil­bara res­i­dents, with 1618 of their num­ber join­ing us.

Next up are the Poms, with 766 res­i­dents say­ing they came from Eng­land and 135 from Scot­land, while 151 were from Ire­land.

531 peo­ple joined us from the Philip­pines.

South Africans were the next most pop­u­lous group with 303 peo­ple list­ing their place of birth there.

267 peo­ple ticked In­dia as their place of birth.

What re­li­gion are we?

Chris­tian­ity, of all types, tops the list with 20,009 peo­ple say­ing they fol­low a sub-set of the re­li­gion.

Next up is the Is­lamic faith, with 680 peo­ple say­ing they fol­lowed the word of Al­lah.

674 peo­ple ticked Bud­dhism when asked about their faith.

There are 441 fol­low­ers of Hin­duism in the Pil­bara.

226 peo­ple said they aligned with Aus­tralian Abo­rig­i­nal Tra­di­tional re­li­gions.

15,850 peo­ple said they had no re­li­gion, while a fur­ther 8318 peo­ple ei­ther did not state their faith or didn’t de­scribe it ad­e­quately to be counted.

What kind of re­la­tion­ships are we in?

30 per cent of men liv­ing in the Pil­bara are mar­ried, while 32 per cent of women are listed as mar­ried.

14 per cent of the men in the Pil­bara are in de facto re­la­tion­ships, trail­ing women by 2 per cent, with their to­tal at 16 per cent.

There are 250 men who listed them­selves as a lone par­ent, com­pared with 825 women.

Men listed as a “lone per­son” came in at 10 per cent of house­holds, but women came in at 5.5 per cent. The age group with the high­est level of sin­gle­tons, both male and fe­male, was that of 25-34 years old.

Our car habits

The av­er­age Pil­bara dwelling has two cars parked in front of it. More than 930 dwellings had four or more cars, with a fur­ther 1918 list­ing three ve­hi­cles re­sid­ing there. More than 4000 house­holds had two cars and 3164 had one car. Only 629 dwellings had no car at­tached to them.

What kinds of houses do we live in?

The vast ma­jor­ity of us, 82 per cent, live in a sep­a­rate house, but the next most-com­mon dwelling type is a semi-de­tached home with 9.3 per cent of us live in that type of dwelling. 6 per cent of us live in a flat or apart­ment, while 321 peo­ple live in a car­a­van, 34 in a cabin or house­boat and 77 in an im­pro­vised home such as a tent or sleep-out.

At the time of the count there were 5367 un­oc­cu­pied pri­vate dwellings in the re­gion, mak­ing up 31 per cent of the pri­vate hous­ing stock.

When it comes to home­own­er­ship, 765 dwellings were owned out­right, a fur­ther 1384 were owned with a mort­gage, while the vast ma­jor­ity, 9360, were rented.

Of those prop­er­ties with a mort­gage, more than 260 re­quired monthly re­pay­ments of $4000 or more. Another 293 had mort­gage re­pay­ment re­quire­ments of be­tween $3000 and $3999.

More than 80 per cent of homes have in­ter­net ac­cess, while only 65 dwellings have six or more bed­rooms.

How much do we earn?

42 per cent Pil­bara res­i­dents en­joy a weekly in­come over $3000 gross, 7 per cent man­age on less than $650 gross weekly in­come. In com­par­i­son, the WA fig­ures have 18 per cent of res­i­dents on the lower in­come level of less than $650 a week, and 19 per cent en­joy­ing the up­per in­come bracket of $3000 a week.

Char­ac­ter­is­tics of Abo­rig­i­nal and Tor­res Strait Is­lan­der house­holds:

It is the first time th­ese sta­tis­tics have been gath­ered.

The me­dian age in th­ese house­holds is 25, which is markedly below that of the Pil­bara av­er­age of 32.51 per cent of this pop­u­la­tion were male and 49 per cent fe­male. All sta­tis­tics from the Pil­bara (Min­ing and Pas­toral) State elec­toral divi­sion level.

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