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It seems a can of worms was opened when we pub­lished a story about the ap­par­ent lack of kan­ga­roos in the Pil­bara these days. Ev­ery­one had their own the­ory as to why this is the case.

In all the years I spent on Pyra­mid Sta­tion I re­ally only let Abo­rig­i­nal peo­ple shoot roos and only if it was for their tucker, which it was. I didn't let any­one else as most times it would have been kill and leave. I had no­ticed a huge de­cline in numbers from 2006 and on. I don't be­lieve you'll ever see the numbers there were there when I started in 1994 again ever. Glenn Con­nell

It was noth­ing to do with un­sus­tain­able hunt­ing or din­goes. A dis­ease wiped them out sev­eral years ago and their numbers are only just be­gin­ning to recover and in­crease again. Leanne Corker

They come and they go. Depends on the wet sea­sons, if we get them or not. There has also been an in­crease in din­goes re­cently from what I have seen on sta­tions . Brian Walk­ing­ton

Got to drive long way from Kar­ratha to shoot a de­cent roo for din­ner, the numbers cer­tainly have de­creased a fair amount. Troy Tit­tums

DPAW is cut­ting wa­ter sup­plies on all the sta­tions they run by cov­er­ing the wells, maybe that is hav­ing an im­pact. Pam Sun­der­land

Don't panic they are not gone they are all down here in Ex­mouth. Michelle Tow­ers

De­cline in roos usu­ally the first sign of wild dog prob­lem. No roos in N/E Gold­fields either. Gail Brown­ley

They all moved to Can­berra. Kelly Woodger

Were plenty coming north from Carnar­von a few weeks ago. Do­minic Tyson

Try drought, floods, fires, din­goes and dis­ease. Guy Teede

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