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COUN­CIL elec­tions are nearly here.

Man­durah MLA David Tem­ple­man and oth­ers say we should be care­ful who we vote for.

Some sit­ting mem­bers are put­ting ad­verts in the pa­per - re­elect me, vote for me, look at what I have achieved.

They would like you to be­lieve the things they list were their own per­sonal achieve­ments.

Apart from the fact that each achieve­ment was a joint achieve­ment, some were not even that.

One ad­vert would like you to be­lieve that per­son was re­spon­si­ble for 2000 jobs at M an­durah Fo­rum. Sorry, did I miss some­thing? I do not think the coun­cil built the ex­ten­sions to the Fo­rum.

Two thou­sand jobs... why then do we still have the high­est un­em­ploy­ment rate in WA?

One thing that does puz­zle me is none of them ac­cepts re­spon­si­bil­ity for the foot­bridge dis­as­ter at the train sta­tion.

There have been other bad de­ci­sions that have been buried as well.

The an­nual bud­get states we bor­rowed $4.4 mil­lion in 2016-17.

Some­one said that is the high­est in Man­durah’s his­tory.

In the last 18 months there have been 700 com­plaints about coun­cils to the ACCC. Come on ratepay­ers. Lis­ten to the David Tem­ple­mans of this world and vote wisely. DEN­NIS MCDON­ALD. Meadow Springs. headed, what a pity. Stop serv­ing the me­dia. We are con­stantly be­ing led by the nose by small mi­nori­ties with no re­gard for the coun­try but only for some self-serv­ing per­sonal agenda.

When an im­moral mi­nor­ity needs to push so hard for laws to sup­port them, any­one who takes some time to think about it has to say “some­thing is wrong here”.

Yes, of course it’s wrong to at­tack some­one for any rea­son and there are plenty of laws to sup­port the vic­tim.

As far as this Yes-No sur­vey is con­cerned, why are our elected politi­cians spending so much time or any time at all dis­cussing this sub­ject?

They were elected to run the coun­try with­out this dis­grace­ful mor­bid fear of the press. You can never leg­is­late mo­ral­ity. No, not ever. Leg­is­la­tion will never make peo­ple do what is clearly not right.

It is be­com­ing ap­par­ent that the Aussie voter is los­ing the abil­ity to think for them­selves.

It has be­come weak and re­ac­tionary and un­able to think be­yond the daily news me­dia.

Wake up Aus­tralia. DON HATCH, Jurien Bay.

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