FIFA 18 brings Icons to PS4, and we go through the face-cap­tur­ing process

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We dis­cover the fa­mous faces com­ing to the game, and have a go at scan­ning our own.

Af­ter years of mak­ing green-eyed glares at lucky Xbox play­ers, we can aban­don any feel­ings of envy. This year, FIFA Ul­ti­mate Team Le­gends are com­ing to PS4. Ex­cept the su­per­stars from yes­ter­year are now called Icons, will have three dif­fer­ent ver­sions to rep­re­sent the best years of their ca­reers, and have unique in-game char­ac­ter mod­els to match their looks at the time. What’s more, they’re just a small part of the huge changes to this year’s kick­about.

Be­fore we go into the other new modes, let’s give you a bit more info on Icon Sto­ries, the buzz­word EA is us­ing to de­scribe the foot­balling icons (get it?) who will have three spe­cial cards of them­selves in Ul­ti­mate Team.

Take Ronald­inho on the left there. His first ver­sion cov­ers his break­out sea­son at PSG in 2002 (com­plete with white sweat­band on the pitch), where his stats make him a nippy drib­bler, with 91 pace and 92 drib­bling and an over­all rat­ing of 91. His sec­ond ver­sion rep­re­sents the 2010 ‘Dinho at AC Mi­lan, which has a slightly lower over­all rat­ing of 89 (and a black sweat­band too). Hope­fully, though, that rat­ing will make this card more at­tain­able.

Fi­nally, the best ver­sion – of­fi­cially known as the Prime card – re­flects Ronald­inho’s time at Barcelona in 2004, where he was named the FIFA World Player of the Year, and, as you would ex­pect, boasts the high­est stats out of all. More im­por­tantly, this time his avatar has no sweat­band. At all.


Ronald­inho’s not the only Icon Story you can ex­pect ei­ther. Some of the ti­tans who’ll be ap­pear­ing in­clude the rapid Roberto Car­los, with his Prime ver­sion com­ing in at 91 over­all rat­ing; im­pos­ing Dan­ish keeper Peter Sch­me­ichel, who will be a must for any United fans with a 90 over­all Prime card, and,

our per­sonal favourite, cult wiz­ard Jay-Jay Okocha, who will bring silky skills and out­ra­geous piledrivers to matches with a 90 rat­ing as well.

While two of the three cards will be avail­able from the mo­ment Ul­ti­mate Team launches on 29 Septem­ber, Prime ver­sions of play­ers will only be out in the wild for a lim­ited time. In­di­vid­ual Prime cards will launch on “Throw­back Thurs­days”, when you’ll be able to find them in packs or com­plete a Squad Build­ing Chal­lenge to earn them. Which means that, yes, Squad Build­ing Chal­lenges are back. The mode that tasks you with as­sem­bling a squad and trad­ing them in for cards re­turns af­ter its suc­cess­ful in­tro­duc­tion to Ul­ti­mate Team last year.

In FIFA 18, there is a new quirk to SBCs with Brick Slots. Now, some po­si­tions in the squad you’re try­ing to put to­gether will have more spe­cific re­quire­ments, such as the player be­ing from a cer­tain team or be­ing a cer­tain na­tion­al­ity. While it makes com­plet­ing SBCs ex­tra re­ward­ing, we’re al­ready sweat­ing buck­ets over the po­ten­tial value in­fla­tion of play­ers who will fit into those tricky-look­ing Brick Slots.


If you think of Ul­ti­mate Team as a purely on­line ex­pe­ri­ence, the good news is EA is ad­dress­ing that with Squad Bat­tles. An en­tirely new single-player mode for FUT, this al­lows you to take on teams crafted by other play­ers, but in­stead of play­ing the real-life cre­ator, the AI takes over their team.

Plus, you’ll be able to tweak the dif­fi­culty, which will al­low new play­ers to get a feel for the flow of FUT games, and ev­ery match you win will earn you points that will un­lock prizes at the end of the weekly cy­cle.

More­over, a weekly Fea­tured Squad will of­fer you the chance to take on the AI team of spe­cial FUT play­ers. It could be a real-life foot­baller, celebrity or even fa­mous con­tent cre­ators from the FIFA com­mu­nity. Personally, we’re hop­ing to see what team Danny Dyer puts to­gether.

Fi­nally, there are Ob­jec­tives. These are ex­pand­ing on Man­ager Tasks, which acted as tu­to­ri­als in pre­vi­ous in­stal­ments by giv­ing you small goals to com­plete ev­ery day and week, earn­ing re­wards for do­ing so. They’re a pretty bla­tant way of en­cour­ag­ing you to re­turn


ev­ery day to FUT, but if we get some free Ul­ti­mate Team packs out of it? Sign us up.


De­spite the talk of Icons, it’s not just the big boys who’ll make up the ranks this year. To cel­e­brate For­est Green Rovers mak­ing their de­but in a FIFA game, we visit their home at The New Lawn, where EA is bring­ing the portable face-scan­ning rig that captures play­ers’ like­nesses. But it’s not just play­ers go­ing through the process. OPM gets a chance to see what it’s like to have our photo taken by equip­ment worth $150,000 (left).

How do the shots be­come a 3D model in the game? Jack Hoyle, a 3D scan­ning tech­ni­cian for The Cap­ture Lab tells us: “Once we’ve taken the images, I or­gan­ise the data and it goes back to Van­cou­ver, where the images are stitched to­gether.” Af­ter this, Jack ex­plains, an artist will touch up the model by per­fect­ing the hair, beard, and skin tone.

Whether it’s los­ing more time (and al­most cer­tainly money) in an ex­panded Ul­ti­mate Team or drag­ging For­est Green to the Pre­mier­ship in Ca­reer mode, the bat­tle for the PlayS­ta­tion golden boot with PES is go­ing to be fiercer than ever this year. FIFA 18 is due for re­lease on 29 Septem­ber. We’ll have more next is­sue.

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There’ll be some very big Icons, but we’re most ex­cited to see Ron­aldo Nazario and that hair­cut.

Icon Sto­ries will also have dif­fer­ent po­si­tions. Henry has LW and ST ver­sions.

Noth­ing says “ten­sion” like men glow­er­ing be­fore a grudge match.

Ben’s youth­ful face was scanned by EA, but will he make it into FIFA 18? [ No,hewon’t – ed].

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