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The Dissidia games on PSP were among the best of Final Fan­tasy’s mixed bag of spin-offs. This one-on-one fighter brought all of the RPGs’ main he­roes and vil­lains to­gether for a se­ries of brawls, with an RPG-like story el­e­ment link­ing them. Now this cult cu­rio re­turns on PS4 in a far shinier form.

Dissidia is a melee fight­ing game with a dif­fer­ence. Play­ers have two health me­ters – a brav­ery bar and a HP bar. The first part of the fight is spent try­ing to bring the former down to zero, while the sec­ond part is spent try­ing to elim­i­nate the lat­ter. The brav­ery bar will then recharge af­ter a short time, mean­ing you have to get that HP bar down quickly to fin­ish the fight. It means Dissidia has an odd pace com­pared to the Street Fight­ers of this world.

In this gor­geous PS4 revival, based on a Ja­panese ar­cade re­lease, all of that re­mains the same. The dif­fer­ence is, it’s now a 3v3 fight­ing game, with a heavy on­line el­e­ment. The scraps are very hec­tic, not helped by the busiest HUD seen in gam­ing since the ’90s, and it’s hard to see Dissidia catch­ing fire with main­stream gamers like su­per­hero-packed In­jus­tice 2 or Street Fighter V, which is backed by years of pop­u­lar­ity. As Final Fan­tasy fan ser­vice goes, though, it’s ba­si­cally off its head on ma­te­ria.


The PSP games played some­where be­tween a stan­dard fight­ing game and King­dom Hearts.

Above Dissidia on PS4 is 3v3 to repli­cate the feel­ing of hav­ing a party in a Final Fan­tasy game.

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