Call Of Duty: World War II’s Zom­bies are go­ing all sur­vival hor­ror

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Sledge­ham­mer Games is do­ing more than just taking Call Of Duty ‘back to its roots’ with its World War II set­ting. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the de­vel­oper set forth its am­bi­tions to make this iteration of the fa­mous Zom­bies mode the scari­est yet, with a unique sto­ry­line and a new take on what Zom­bies can do.

Sledge­ham­mer has toned down the ridicu­lous B-movie set­tings of the past few games, in­stead opt­ing for a more sur­vival hor­ror-like ex­pe­ri­ence. This ver­sion of Zom­bies will see you and three friends em­bark on a tense and un­cer­tain jour­ney through a win­try Bavar­ian village, through snowy streets into the blood-drenched sew­ers and, ul­ti­mately, into se­cret lab­o­ra­to­ries ex­ca­vated out of the be­drock.


Dur­ing World War 2, it’s well doc­u­mented that the Axis pow­ers man­aged to steal art­work from lo­cal towns and vil­lages around the war­zone. In COD: WWII’s Zom­bies mode it’s your job to re­trieve some of these pil­fered por­traits from an out­ly­ing Ger­man village called Mit­tel­burg. You play as a team sent from the Mon­u­ments, Fine Arts, And Ar­chives Sec­tion of the Al­lied Forces – the same team that’s al­ready been fic­tion­alised in movie The Mon­u­ments Men.

The thing is, all is not as it seems in Mit­tel­burg, and while your mis­sion to re­trieve stolen art might at first seem like your most im­por­tant task, you’ll soon find your­self in the mid­dle of a sin­is­ter plot to un­leash an army of Nazi un­dead on the unsuspecting world. Put that paint­brush away and grab an M1 Garand.


It’s cer­tainly a lot more se­ri­ous and in­volved than Zom­bies’ last few it­er­a­tions, and looks like it’ll fit in par­tic­u­larly well with Call Of Duty: World War II’s main cam­paign of­fer­ing, too. There’s still an el­e­ment of the su­per­nat­u­ral to the whole thing, of course – this is Zom­bies. This time the game’s main big bad is Dok­tor Peter ‘Glucks­bringer’ Straub, played by Grind­house’s Udo Kier – he


starred in the seg­ment called Were­wolf Women Of The SS.

Dok­tor Straub, a crazed Nazi sci­en­tist, be­lieves he’s seen the end of the ‘old world’ and has made plans to re­turn the dead to life and bring about a new world or­der. To that end, he’s not only fig­ured out how to an­i­mate the dead, he’s also cre­ated hulk­ing un­dead be­he­moths that are single-mind­edly de­signed to de­stroy. From what Ac­tivi­sion has shown so far, you can ex­pect quite a few dif­fer­ent en­emy types, from your stan­dard sham­bling hordes to flam­ing car­casses, spe­cialised units and boss-type en­e­mies that are in­evitably go­ing to soak up a good amount of your ammo on the way back to the grave.

So it’s up to you and your team of rag­tag al­lies to stop Dok­tor Straub in his tracks. The pro­tag­o­nists are headed up by Drostan Hynd (Tenth Doc­tor David Ten­nant) and sup­ported by Marie Fis­cher (Kath­eryn Win­nick of Vik­ings), Olivia Du­rant (Dare­devil’s Elodie Yung), and Jefferson Potts (Ving Rhames, of the Mis­sion Im­pos­si­ble films).

Plus, if Sledge­ham­mer’s work on Ad­vanced War­fare is any­thing to go by, it’s go­ing to be re­mark­ably well mo­tion-cap­tured and likely highly cin­e­matic in na­ture. The voice tal­ent has had a habit of get­ting lost in pre­vi­ous it­er­a­tions of Zom­bies, so hope­fully this time the de­vel­oper is go­ing to give the ac­tors in ques­tion a real chance to shine.

For the last few years, Ac­tivi­sion and the var­i­ous de­vel­op­ers have played the Zom­bies por­tion of the game for laughs, but Sledge­ham­mer is di­vert­ing its course back to the hor­ror genre that birthed the side-game in the first place. It’s an in­ter­est­ing ap­proach to take, es­pe­cially when the main part of COD: WWII is de­vi­at­ing so largely from what se­ries fans are used to… but Sledge­ham­mer has more than proved it­self with the fran­chise so far, and from what we’ve seen of World War II’s Zom­bies to date, it’s in safe hands.

Call Of Duty: World War II is due to launch on PS4 on 3 Novem­ber.

Will Sledge­ham­mer’s re­turn to a more gritty Zom­bies ex­pe­ri­ence sat­isfy the COD fan­base?

Mit­tel­burg may look like win­try fun but the un­dead are around ev­ery cor­ner.

Dok­tor Straub’s un­dead horde looks like it’s go­ing to be plenty chal­leng­ing.

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