All-new Toy Story ad­ven­ture with Woody and Buzz awaits

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Toy Story is in King­dom Hearts III. The dream is real. But since 11 years have passed since King­dom Hearts II, per­haps an ex­pla­na­tion of what you’re look­ing at is in or­der. King­dom Hearts is a Square Enix ac­tion RPG set in Dis­ney-themed worlds, and you get to fight along­side Goofy and Don­ald freakin’ Duck. ‘Shut up and take our money’, yes?

The pro­duc­tion qual­ity has al­ways been su­perb, recre­at­ing the sights and sounds of fa­mous Dis­ney films in colour­ful, semi-open worlds you can ex­plore at your leisure. But if the sight of Bambi ren­dered in full 3D was amaz­ing in 2002, PS4’s graph­ics are noth­ing short of mirac­u­lous. The most re­cent ver­sion of the game shows Sora – the main hero who wields the Key­blade and has mas­sive shoes – and his com­pan­ions turned into toys, and step­ping into Andy’s bed­room from Toy Story. Ev­ery­thing looks per­fect, from the Buzz Lightyear bed­sheets to the no­tice­board cov­ered with hand-drawn Woody pic­tures.

But if the en­vi­ron­ment looks good, the char­ac­ters look in­cred­i­ble. Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, the green aliens… they’re all here in au­then­tic de­tail, look­ing just like their big-screen in­car­na­tions. Well… not quite all the gang are present. Some toys have gone miss­ing, ever since the shady Or­gan­i­sa­tion XIII showed up, and a load of Heart­less min­ions with it. Of course you have to in­ves­ti­gate, which means jump­ing out of the bed­room win­dow (Bar­rel Of Mon­keys so far un­con­firmed), fight­ing Heart­less on Andy’s per­fectly-recre­ated front yard, and then head­ing to Galaxy Toys – a toy shop in town, where you get to shoot laser can­nons at your foes while pi­lot­ing mechs (called Gi­gas), scat­ter­ing piles of stock and ba­si­cally run­ning riot through var­i­ous themed floors of the toy store.


Doesn’t sound fa­mil­iar? That’s be­cause un­like most King­dom Hearts sub-plots, you won’t be di­rectly fol­low­ing the events of any Toy Story film. In­stead, ac­cord­ing to the game’s direc­tor, Tet­suya No­mura, Pixar re­quested a brand-new sto­ry­line be writ­ten for the game. The re­sult­ing sce­nario is set af­ter the events of Toy Story 2, and No­mura says that, thanks to its of­fi­cial ap­proval from Pixar, it could be con­sid­ered a “se­quel of some sort”. That’s awe­some.

Sora’s moveset looks vast in the trailer, with huge, screen-fill­ing spe­cial moves, air dashes, bur­row at­tacks, and drop smashes, as well as the abil­ity to pro­duce mas­sive ice crys­tals out of thin air, and then to grind along their edges. But even bet­ter than the en­hanced reper­toire of stan­dard at­tacks, some spe­cial moves are de­signed around fa­mous Dis­ney theme park rides, like Big Magic Moun­tain and Pi­rate Ship. Dubbed ‘At­trac­tion Flow’, these sum­mons can be used dur­ing boss fights. No­mura-san has said that the team want to show­case the specs of the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion hard­ware, which is al­low­ing it to add new game­play me­chan­ics that were pre­vi­ously im­pos­si­ble. It re­ally shows. Pleas­antly, that also ap­pears to mean you’re no longer lim­ited to an ac­tive team of three char­ac­ters, as Woody and Buzz join Sora, Goofy, and Don­ald to fight on the lawn.


Clearly, Toy Story is the big news, but it’s not the only an­i­mated world that’s been con­firmed. The full list has yet to be re­vealed, but al­ready in­cludes Big Hero 6’s San Fran­sokyo, Her­cules’ Mount Olym­pus, and Tan­gled’s King­dom Of Corona, as well as fa­mil­iar re­cur­ring lo­ca­tions like the Mys­te­ri­ous Tower and Tra­verse Town.

King­dom Hearts III is due in 2018, which gives us time to pon­der the unan­swered ques­tions, like ‘Will Tom Hanks be repris­ing his role as Woody?’, ‘When will we hear Utada Hikaru’s in­evitable new theme song?’ and ‘Will Don­ald ac­tu­ally heal us when we need him this time?”

Ex­pect great things from King­dom Hearts III. And the Gummi ship.

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