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Out in the chilly vast­ness of space, there’s one thing to do. Not re­search, nor solve the mys­ter­ies of our uni­verse. Nope, all you can do is make some cold, hard cash. That’s ac­cord­ing to this galaxy-trou­bling twin-stick shooter any­way. As the new CEO of a com­pany branch­ing out into space, your greedy goal is to in­dulge in some prof­itable space cap­i­tal­ism.

It’s a mix of the afore­men­tioned twin-stick blast­ing and the clicker games pop­u­larised on mo­bile de­vices. For the most part, you’re fly­ing around 2D space with the left stick while firing at alien bad­dies with the right stick. Once you’ve built up a cash re­serve from killing aliens and de­stroy­ing as­ter­oids, fly down to a planet and in­vest in mines, power plants, and re­search fa­cil­i­ties. They’ll build up cash (called moolah in-game) for you over time, and the cy­cle be­gins anew. 1

Each galaxy has a new alien race to fight, the di­a­logue with them be­ing a highlight of the game. The back and forth be­tween aliens and your Vostok Inc. em­ployee are great, as are his busi­ness puns: “Avi­a­tion stocks are soar­ing”. But he’s only got so many jokes, and, like the rest of the game, they be­gin to get repet­i­tive and stale.

While the aliens change, their pat­terns don’t – there are tur­ret en­e­mies, ea­ger foes that at­tack by ram­ming into you, and gi­ant space worms. It’s just a case of dif­fer­ent ap­pear­ances. There are new things to un­lock, 2 but even­tu­ally ev­ery­thing be­comes repet­i­tive: get moolah, spend moolah, make more moolah. The shoot­ing is fun, and there’s some chuckle-wor­thy writ­ing, but once you re­alise you’re do­ing the same things over and over again, it falls flat. Han­nah Dwan

FOOTNOTES1 Each galaxy cul­mi­nates in the aliens throw­ing their big­gest, bad­dest ship or mon­ster at you. 2 Save ex­ec­u­tives across the galaxy to raise them as lit­tle Ta­m­agotchi-style pets.

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