Land, sea, or air… it’s a rac­ing triple threat

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You know what would spice rac­ing games up a bit? Planes. And throw some boats in there too. Ac­tu­ally, while you’re at it, let’s make it so you can mag­i­cally trans­form be­tween any of them as it takes your fancy. Bored of the road? POP! You’re a plane soar­ing above it all. Then… POP! You’re a boat, drop­ping out of the sky to hit the wa­ter and race off, spray fly­ing out be­hind you.

None of this ve­hi­cle chang­ing makes sense. Es­pe­cially when you add the In­cep­tion-style world-warp­ing tran­si­tions where the ground folds like a sheet of pa­per. But, there comes a time where you have to look rea­son in the eye and say ‘not to­day.’ Given that The Crew 2 fea­tures mo­tor­ing, fly­ing, and boat rac­ing across nu­mer­ous dis­ci­plines, just mag­i­cally swap­ping be­tween ev­ery­thing makes sense. For­get menus, just hold a but­ton down, choose your ride, and you’re off to tackle an event. There’s no short­age of those, ei­ther – the mo­tor­sports side of things alone in­cludes street and pro rac­ing, off-road, and freestyle dis­ci­plines. There’s a sim­i­lar width of of­fer­ings for the other ve­hi­cles, all across the United States of Amer­ica. Coast to coast, you can travel an en­tire, seam­less open world. So, get past the magic trans­form-o-ve­hi­cles and this has got just about ev­ery pos­si­ble vari­a­tion on ve­hi­cle rac­ing cov­ered, in a way that keeps that va­ri­ety fast and un­in­ter­rupted. Build­ing on the orig­i­nal game, the mo­tor rac­ing is ob­vi­ously a solid and sat­is­fy­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. We tried some night­time street events, full of scream­ing side­ways skids around corners (scat­ter­ing pedes­tri­ans and lit­ter ev­ery­where), and a chaotic, tree-filled off-roader. Both feel dif­fer­ent, with high-speed straights and pre­cise turns for the former, and bounc­ing anar­chy for the lat­ter. The boat races we tried sim­i­larly of­fered some very dif­fer­ent chal­lenges: ba­sic river races in­volve us­ing waves and dodg­ing wakes to take the lead, while Jet Sprints are sui­ci­dal high-speed events in tiny, super-fast boats that can turn on a penny.


That only leaves the fly­ing to prove it­self. We’ve so far played one event – a sim­ple city race that in­volves hit­ting check­points among the sky­scrapers. It’s fun, but un­til we see more it’s hard to see how this area will change things up. How­ever, even if that’s all the va­ri­ety it can of­fer it’ll be worth it, be­cause fly­ing is the ac­tion glue that binds The Crew 2 to­gether. As ridicu­lous as all the ve­hi­cle hop­ping is, there’s such a thrill to switch­ing be­tween ev­ery­thing, es­pe­cially when play­ing with friends as you all jump be­tween the road, wa­ter, and sky.


The Crew 2’s street dis­ci­pline is ur­ban road rac­ing in tricked-out cars.

Above Jet sprints in­volve tiny boats tear­ing through swamps and caves, re­quir­ing quick re­ac­tions and prefer­ably a low sense of self-preser­va­tion.

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