Test­ing Times

Tough choices in Wolfen­stein: The New Order

PlayStation Official Magazine (UK) - - PARTING SHOT - FOR­MAT PS4, PS3 / PUB BETHESDA / DEV MACHINEGAMES / RE­LEASED 2014 / SCORE 8/10

What’s the worst thing that could hap­pen when you get a cup of cof­fee on a train? Maybe it would be spilling some down your­self on the way back, scald­ing your­self and ru­in­ing a de­cent set of clothes. Or drop­ping the mug and watch­ing your hot, re­fresh­ing caf­feine slosh around your feet. Rarely would you think about a Ger­man Lieu­tenant Colonel steal­ing your drink and forc­ing you to prove that you’re a pure Aryan.

Un­for­tu­nately for poor ol’ BJ that last pos­si­bil­ity is ex­actly the sit­u­a­tion he finds him­self in early on in his cracking PS4 de­but. Know­ing that his blonde hair and blue eyes make it very easy for him to walk among the Nazis with­out tip­ping them off to his all-Amer­i­can heritage, he risks head­ing to the cof­fee car­riage late at night to pil­fer a cou­ple of cups, only for Frau Irene En­gel to walk in on him, along with two heav­ily armed guards, a large deathrobot (not its ac­tual name) and one very syco­phan­tic man called Bubi. Beck­on­ing him to give her his hot cup o’ joe, she then sub­jects BJ – and the player, natch – to her racial pu­rity test, get­ting us to choose the images that most appeal to us.

A nerve-wrack­ing change of pace, this in­ter­ro­ga­tion strips you of your weapons and forces you into a more cere­bal dance of death with Frau En­gel. Show­cas­ing MachineGames’ abil­ity to make the Nazis seem... well, like Nazis and sub­vert your ex­pec­ta­tions of what type of shooter Wolfen­stein can be, it’s clev­erer than you might ex­pect. And, by the time En­gel spits out “If you were not Aryan, you would have gone for the gun,” it’s left a much stronger mark than shoot­ing a thou­sand sol­diers.

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