Ninja, go! Get it?

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Ninjago is not the fran­chise you’d ex­pect to see the Lego game brand in­no­vate with. But we like be­ing sur­prised, and boy is it a shock to see a dy­namic com­bat sys­tem ap­pear, al­low­ing for air jug­gles and com­bos, al­beit at a rudi­men­tary level. Don’t panic, though, this is still a very child-friendly ex­pe­ri­ence, and al­lows but­ton mash­ing to an ex­tent, but when ene­mies block you’ll have to change up your at­tack­ing tac­tics. Keep­ing your combo go­ing yields a high brick re­ward: it’s ba­si­cally about keep­ing your mul­ti­plier up.

There’s an­other, sub­tler change, to the se­ries here. In­stead of each level hav­ing a brick re­quire­ment that forces you to spend longer than you’d like smash­ing ev­ery­thing that you can, there’s a per­sis­tent over­all bar that you fill up, which gives you gold bricks each time you do so. 1

Of course it’s gen­er­ally fun, and the co-op is as en­joy­able as ever. You’ll smash bricks, pi­lot mechs, and reg­u­larly take in the glo­ri­ous world. There are mi­nor tech­ni­cal is­sues, such as the up­grade tree forc­ing its way on­screen when­ever you get a new point to spend, and some very rare slow­down.

You can go in know­ing noth­ing about Ninjago, but you’ll come out in­trigued enough to start car­ing. The story is light and breezy, 2 fol­low­ing the Lego Movie and Lego Bat­man Movie style, and there are mo­ments that will make you laugh out loud. It’s silly, sure, but it’s got that Lego charm.

It’s a lit­tle short, which is per­haps a han­gover from be­ing a movie tie-in, but this is well worth play­ing, and changes the Lego for­mula for the bet­ter. For the first time in ages, we’re ex­cited about Lego games again. Adam Cook

FOOTNOTES1 It’s a gor­geous game, and the hub worlds are en­joy­able to frolic in, col­lect­ing gold bricks. 2 The set pieces range from Space-Har­rier-style fly­ing sec­tions to mech as­saults.

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