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Mil­ford Cop­pock is en­joy­ing ‘play­ing’ Bungie’s lat­est Well, I say play­ing, but that’s not strictly true. More like play­ing briefly be­fore abruptly be­ing re­turned to or­bit, or even en­ter­ing un­pop­u­lated lev­els. You see, Bungie in­sists on us­ing cer­tain ports on my router that the man­u­fac­turer pre­vents peo­ple from us­ing, so my ex­pe­ri­ence of Bungie’s per­sis­tently on­line shooter is not what you could call smooth. There’s no doubt that it’s cre­ated a great game, but it’s just that I’m struggling to ac­tu­ally, you know,

play it. I know I’m in the mi­nor­ity, but come on Bungie, sort it out!

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