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PlayStation Official Magazine (UK) - - REVIEW -

Far into the fu­ture, cor­po­ra­tions have rapidly ex­panded to the point of hav­ing more sway over peo­ple’s lives than true na­tion states. Still look­ing to ex­pand their grasp even fur­ther, this ne­ces­si­tates or­bital space sta­tion work­ers. Af­ter an in­ci­dent on just such a sta­tion, Ta­coma, you’re tasked with go­ing in and se­cur­ing some high-grade AI hard­ware for the Ven­turis Cor­po­ra­tion in the orig­i­nal crew’s ab­sence.

The sta­tion it­self presents a well-re­alised tac­tile world, brought to life by the de­tri­tus of ev­ery­day life you in­ter­act with as well as ex­cel­lent sound de­sign and voice work.

The old crew’s day-to-day-do­ings were con­stantly recorded and from th­ese re­cov­er­able files you’re able to piece to­gether what hap­pened. 1 This does place you in the awk­ward po­si­tion of ar­riv­ing af­ter most of the ac­tion has al­ready taken place but what you un­cover quickly puts that out of your mind. This core sto­ry­telling gim­mick is com­pelling nar­ra­tively though un­der­utilised me­chan­i­cally. Puz­zles are light affairs, chiefly con­sist­ing of hunt­ing for door codes. The first time you spy a crew mem­ber typ­ing in the code you need makes for a neat eureka mo­ment but quickly goes the way of di­min­ish­ing re­turns there­after. 2

Though Ta­coma’s crew in­habit a far flung fu­ture with prob­lems to match, I found my­self be­liev­ing in their re­la­tion­ships. The high-con­cept sci-fi setup, while com­pelling, quickly be­gan to play sec­ond fid­dle to th­ese emo­tional threads, with a res­o­lu­tion I bizar­rely found my­self less in­vested in de­spite its high stakes. In light of that, no-one’s in any rush to re­turn to Ta­coma it­self but I cer­tainly want to catch up with the crew again. Jess Kinghorn

FOOTNOTES1 You can fol­low each crew mem­ber as they drift in and out of mul­ti­ple con­ver­sa­tions. 2 Es­pe­cially as no-one can re­mem­ber a four-digit code off the top of their head.



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