DON’T DREAM IT, BE IT Dreams’ mod­el­ling mode ex­plored.

Me­dia Mol­e­cule opens up about its Dreams

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“Dreams is a place where peo­ple can post and pub­lish any­thing they imag­ine – any­thing they dream,” Ka­reem Et­touney, Me­dia Mol­e­cule’s co-founder and art di­rec­tor, tells us at the 2018 VFX Fes­ti­val. He hov­ers over the Dream Surf­ing mode that’ll let play­ers “Play, Watch, Lis­ten” to their hearts’ con­tent. But to­day he’s here to show us Dream Shap­ing – how to sculpt our thoughts from dig­i­tal clay.

A whole heap of op­tions al­lows play­ers to choose how big or small a Dream they want to cre­ate, from games or movies to the minu­tiae of ef­fects, char­ac­ters, and mod­els. And they’re all com­pletely share­able. Add in a bunch of tu­to­ri­als, and the ground is set for you to build your cre­ations ex­actly how you want, whether that’s mak­ing them com­pletely from scratch, or us­ing shared as­sets on­line (which you can favourite into your own col­lec­tion).

“Our big­gest start­ing point of Dreams is that we wanted the act of watching some­one cre­ate to be en­ter­tain­ment in its own right – a per­for­mance,” says Ka­reem. And watching him show us how to cre­ate isn’t like watching some­one work, it’s ef­fort­less. Sim­ple. To cre­ate a scene he takes ob­jects, places and ro­tates and shifts them in his hand (us­ing PS Move con­trollers), and puts them into the world.

Whether it’s from the ground up or from user-shared cre­ations, Ka­reem makes it clear that it’s not about menus, it’s about get­ting your hands dirty. “This is su­per-se­ri­ous but this is try­ing very hard to al­low the sketching.” Cre­at­ing com­plex scenes is as sim­ple as dream­ing them, and we can’t wait to play around.

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