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Hands-on with Ge­n­e­sis Al­pha One

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This new space opera is not what you think it is – Ge­n­e­sis Al­pha One looks like an FPS, on pa­per reads like No Man’s Sky, but in re­al­ity is aiming to be a whole lot more. While it sounds like a mish­mash, the mix of rogue­like, FPS, base build­ing, and sur­vival ideas gels beau­ti­fully in our hands-on. Each style of play un­folds or­gan­i­cally as we build, explore, and de­fend our star­ship from alien and hu­man threats.

The ultimate goal is to find an ‘al­pha planet’ and colonise it with hu­man DNA. To get there you need to build a star­ship, explore plan­ets, and har­vest re­sources to man­age your crew of clones. (If one dies, re­sources per­mit­ting, clone a new crew mem­ber).

If you gamble on a new planet, and run out of crew and re­sources, it’s game over. Ge­n­e­sis melds a com­plex set of ideas, prov­ing it’s no clone. Fol­low the game’s up­dates on Twit­ter @Ge­n­e­sisAl­phaOne.

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