Our red-coated hero is back with style, tak­ing on a job from the mys­te­ri­ous V

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Dante and Nero need to budge up – a third playable char­ac­ter’s join­ing the ad­ven­ture.

We’ve met Dante and Nero be­fore – now meet Devil May Cry 5’s mys­te­ri­ous new playable char­ac­ter, V, re­vealed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Dante needs to take a page from Nero’s book. Even in this econ­omy, he in­sists on keep­ing up the spa­cious main Devil May Cry of­fice, rather than take his younger ver­sion’s slay­ers-on-wheels ap­proach. He even ad­mits he needs to turn the wa­ter back on and get flush­ing toi­lets when of­fered a new cash-in-hand gig.

The client? V. (Also the name of Cy­ber­punk 2077’s lead. The name ‘V’ is clearly the ‘Harry’ of the fu­ture.) At this point, in­tro­duc­ing a new char­ac­ter who doesn’t have white hair im­me­di­ately raises sus­pi­cion. With a cane, hefty tome, and a pen­chant for speak­ing in verse, V seems to of­fer some­thing dif­fer­ent to the all-out ac­tion su­per­star an­tics we’ve come to ex­pect from Nero and Dante, though we’ll find out more about him as the game’s Jan­uary launch date looms ever closer.


The job on of­fer has to do with the un­der­world tak­ing over the hu­man world on what seems to be a global scale, and leads to Dante, Lady, and Tr­ish meet­ing up with Nero and his me­chanic Nico as they slay a hefty num­ber of demons in an at­tempt to push back the le­gions of Hell.

The two groups will be work­ing to­gether in the fight, and it turns out that Nico’s grand­mother was the one who cre­ated some of Dante’s orig­i­nal weapons, in­clud­ing Ebony and Ivory, his clas­sic pis­tols. New char­ac­ter she may be, but she al­ready has ties to the series’ story, and maybe even to Sparda him­self.

And just who was it who stole Nero’s orig­i­nal Devil Bringer arm? Does it play a part in the hellish rit­ual that’s lay­ing waste to the en­tire world? Does Dante’s brother Vergil, lost to the un­der­world since Devil May Cry 3, have some­thing to do

with all this? While the game will be plenty of fun for new­com­ers, this first re­turn to the main series in ten years is al­ready giv­ing long-time fans plenty to chew on.


We’ve now seen plenty of how Dante will play, and he still has a dis­tinct com­bat style from Nero. He has a unique sense of style too, and seems to favour a slightly heav­ier, more con­sid­ered ap­proach to plough­ing through his dev­il­ish foes.

If you’re fa­mil­iar with the series, you will be pleased to see Dante re­turn with the sig­na­ture com­bi­na­tion of Ebony and Ivory, plus his Re­bel­lion sword. With these, com­bos are as you’d ex­pect – you use the guns to jug­gle and keep the moves flow­ing be­tween close­quar­ters slices. Re­bel­lion still has long thrusts, the mil­lion stabs move, as well as launch­ers and down­ward thrusts. On a ba­sic level Dante will be far from alien, and it looks like he even has skill op­tions to zip be­tween en­e­mies and dodge in­com­ing at­tacks at the last sec­ond if needed.

Dante’s mo­tor­bike, the Cav­a­lier, is of course a weapon too. The bike splits into two mas­sive saw-blades which Dante waves around like your un­cle when he in­sists on mak­ing you a bed rather than nip­ping down to Ikea. It’s got heavy weapons, which look like they’ll pack quite the punch, and he can even turn it back into a bike and do dough­nuts mid-combo. Show­boat­ing? More like show­bik­ing.

On top of that, we’ve also seen Dante strap on Bal­rog – this game’s ver­sion of the gaunt­let weapons that power up his punches and kicks (like Gil­gamesh in DMC4). Bal­rog, in par­tic­u­lar, seems to make use of duck­ing and weav­ing, and then lay­ing down close-up smack­downs on demons. The Coy­ote shot­gun makes a re­turn as well; Dante one-hands it, knock­ing en­e­mies back as he fires, but at a much re­duced fire rate com­pared with Ebony and Ivory. And it looks like Dante’s still us­ing the awak­ened Force Edge (known as Sparda, af­ter his de­mon father), with the trans­form­ing weapon shift­ing niftily be­tween a scythe and a sword.

Fur­ther en­hanc­ing Dante’s hefty ar­moury is his Devil Trig­ger form, which al­lows him to power up for a lim­ited time, en­hanc­ing his weapon movesets as well as mak­ing him more pow­er­ful.

With weapons like these, Dante’s ready to take on a whole army of


dark­ness, so it’s a good job the un­der­world has one ready and wait­ing for him. It’s great to see his old com­rades Lady and Tr­ish tak­ing on the job along­side him. While they’ll be present within Dante’s game­play, it’s un­clear yet how much – both were playable in 2015’s DMC4: Spe­cial Edi­tion.


Do you like shiny things? Who doesn’t? To sat­isfy our in­ner mag­pies, the game’s Deluxe Edi­tion, which will give ac­cess to some ex­tra con­tent, has been an­nounced. Nero will be able to utilise four bonus Devil Breaker arms, with high­lights be­ing the fork-tipped Pasta Breaker, and the Mega Buster – the lat­ter be­ing a replica of Mega Man’s sig­na­ture arm-can­non. It’ll also give Dante the Cava­liere R, a red al­ter­na­tive to his stan­dard bike; 12 bat­tle mu­sic tracks from the first four games if you want to give demons hell to nos­tal­gic bangers; al­ter­na­tive an­nounc­ers for the style ranks; and – most in­trigu­ingly – live ac­tion cutscenes, what­ever that means. If it re­sults in us get­ting to see Reuben Lang­don, Dante’s voice and mo­tion ac­tor, rock­ing the natty red coat in the flesh some more, then we just hit the jack­pot. What weapons would you like to see in Dante’s arse­nal? Let us know @OPM_UK!

It says some­thing about the series when the only way to make it any cra­zier is to cre­ate a weaponised chainsaw bike. Rev it up!

Nero’s ‘arm­less, ex­cept to demons. Then he’ll use a laser arm to melt you.

With Lady and Tr­ish mak­ing a re­turn, the cast of Devil May Cry V is size­able.

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